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Two Hour Wargames

And we've made it back around to Monday. I had a nice, restful, relaxing weekend. Considering that Gen Con isn't all that far away, I need to get in as many of those as I can between now and then. We also can use to get your gaming tables looking good. So, let's do that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Bugs: Into the Tunnels Available From Acheson Creations, New Infinity Terrain From TTCombat, and Wastelang Game Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Just in time for the holidays, Rebel Minis and Two Hour Wargames has not just one, but two new sci-fi miniatures games for you. They're 5150 Platoon Leader and 5150 Battalion Commander. You can go pick up your copies now and spend your off-hours these next months getting your mini sci-fi battle groove on.

I mean, I realize they're a vital part of the ecological system and all, but I'd prefer if they didn't come invading into my apartment. However, as bad as seeing something scurry across your kitchen floor in the pale moonlight may be, it is nothing compared to the bugs one comes across in the depths of space. For those, you'd best get out your plasma rifle. I don't think a tennis shoe will suffice.
That's the type of thing you'll be fighting in 5150: Bugs: Into the Tunnels, a new minis game that's a team-up between Two Hour Wargames and Acheson Creations. The game's up on Kickstarter now.
Pillage! Plunder! Burn! That's the mantra of vikings. That's also what you'll be doing in Great Hall Burning, a new set of rules by 2 Hour Wargames for playing armies during the Viking Age (about the 8th century to the 11th, give or take a couple decades). The rules include a robust campaign system that lets you grow your Viking community and army over the course of multiple seasons of fighting.
2 Hour Wargames has created a new companion book to their 5150 Star Army - 2nd Tour game. It's 5150 Star Marine and it gives you the chance to play a skirmish game using the same rules. Make your way onto enemy ships during daring boarding actions, conduct raids on enemy camps planetside, and watch out for those aliens.
This morning I'm sitting here listening to 90s music. I mean, it's the music I listened to when I "discovered music." So why not? One of the things bands will often do is swap around members for a project or two. So you get combinations of some of your favorite musicians all in one band. That's sort of what is going on with the Red Ops 5: Asylum game over on Kickstarter now.
Well, for a Mech-lover like myself, today's just a red-letter day, what with two mech-based games to talk about. This one comes to us from Two Hour Wargames and is called 5150 No Quarter. This one's pretty straight-forward. Just grab whatever mechs you want to use, however many you and your opponent want to use, and get ready to throw down.
Two Hour Wargames has quite a lot of products for quite a lot of diverse gaming tastes. Whether you want to play something historical, or with zombies, or sci-fi, or something fantasy, or basically whatever, they have something for you. The only problem with having such a large collection is some might feel intimidated by it, not knowing where to start and what to spend their money on. Well, for the rest of the month, Two Hour Wargames is having a 25% off sale.
2 Hour Wargames is having a sale this month over in their webshop. Just enter the coupon code: chimp20 at checkout to get 25% off your order. It's a perfect time to check out their new 2 Hour Dungeon Crawl, or to try out one of their older games. Always wanted to try out one, but weren't sure if the time was right? Well, now the time is right!

From the announcement:
Two Hour Wargames also gets in on the season of giving this... umm... March... with a 20% sale going on now over on their website. The sale is good for everything in their shop, just enter the code "cw20" at checkout.
Note: You only have until Sunday at midnight to take advantage of the savings.

From the announcement:
Here we are again. Some shorter stories for Sunday surfing.

Today we've got: new Commands and Colors storage options from Sally 4th, Club Fantasci Interviews Ed Teixeira of THW Game Designs about Heroes of the Colosseum, new Abscessus release from Hitech Miniatures, a new Wolsung preview, new 15mm Trench Terrain available from Tabletop-Art, some fluff about Clan Ika from Ninja All-Stars, New Kurganovas Shock Troops models from Raging Heroes' TGG range, Free Sci-Fi Ashcan for Brink of Battle gets a face lift, Kabuki Models - Legio Praetoriana Updates, and some new releases from Mierce Miniatures.

Two Hour Wargames is running a Kickstarter campaign for new 15mm dinosaur minis as well as a rules set for using them. They've got a week left and are roughly 3x funded, so go check 'em out.


From the campaign:

15mm Adventurers explore a Lost World inhabited by Cavemen, Dinosaurs and more. Featuring the new rules - Adventures in the Lost Lands!

Orcs in the Webbe brings you another scenario season, starting off with A Softer Fire.

A Softer Fire Frame


From the post:

Today we return to the Windy Isles in the first part of the prelude to this years 'season' of Dreadloque adventures, the piratical version of Flintloque. In this, the first of a new series focusing on storyline in tandem with game mechanics, you will find an After Action Report of THW's 'And a Bottle of Rum' rules as well as a short piece of Flintloque fiction based on it.

Dreadloque and its sequels are set in Danny O'Hara's piratical take on Flintloque - Alternative Armies skirmish wargame set in an alternate Napoleonic war featuring fantasy races - but take place in their own part of that world called The Windy Isles. A place of high seas, pirates and treasure, far removed from the smoke hazed battlefields of the Mordredian Wars in Urop.

Keep the Flag Flying!

Two Hour Wargames has released their new medieval warfare game, Captains and Kings, over in their webshop.

Captains and Kings now on sale


From the release:

Captains and Kings, the medieval warfare game from Two Hour Wargames is now on sale.

What: Medieval Warband combat in the 9th to 13th Centuries.
Scale: Each 6 to 12 figure unit represents 40 - 60 actual combatants.
Your Role: Players start as a Captain in command of one unit. But if you succeed in battle, you gain fame and more units on your way to becoming King.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.
Two Hour Wargames is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring their 28mm Moonshiner minis back into production, along with a brand new sculpt for one.

28mm Moonshiners


From the campaign:

Two Hour Wargames (THW) have launched a Kickstarter campaign to resurrect a set of six 28mm country hillbilly miniatures - The Moonshiners.

Originally released by Mega Minis the campaign when funded will see these unique character miniatures available once again.

The miniatures can of course be used with any game system but as an added bonus THW will also be publishing a background supplement with five complete scenarios which can be added to your pledge allowing you to use them with either THW's award winning All Things Zombie or After the Horsemen wargames.

As an added bonus you can also get hold of either (or both) of the rulesets (All Things Zombie or After the Horsemen) at a discounted price when pledging for the miniatures.

Two Hour Wargames knows a picture's worth a thousand words and so a video must be worth a thousand pictures. They've posted up a how-to-play video for their new game, Machinas.


From the post:

We've posted a " How To" video on bringing Machinas into your Post Apocalypse games. With Machinas you can have open road chases and highway combat using any minis you already have and any rules that you already use.
Check it out!

Orcs in the Webbe have posted a new Reaction System scenario up online: Within God's Walls.


From them to you:

Today Orcs in the Webbe brings you another brand new original scenario for use with Two Hour Wargame's Reaction System games.

In 'Within God's Walls' Don Diego Della Toyota's friend, the nobleman Don Armand, has been speaking out against the taxes levied by the cruel Alcalde Jamón and has been forced to hide out in an old mission to avoid arrest. Luckily for him Don Diego is the man behind the mask of El Lupe, the people's hero and he is on his way to help his friend.

Set in Alternative Armies' Valon, the world of Flintloque, El Lupe is based on Zorro and you can play it using a variety of rulesets including any of Two Hour Wargame's Reaction System games.

Keep the Flag Flying!

Machinas has posted up a game play video over on their Indiegogo campaign page. They've made their goal with still 19 days to go.


From the update:

Here's a how to video for Machinas, Death Racing over the Wasteland. Machinas can be played with the cards or you can use minis as well. Play by itself or with your PA games like After the Horsemen.

Two Hour Wargames has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new card game, Machinas - Death Racing in the Wasteland.


From the campaign:

The crowdfunding project, Machinas, from Two Hour Wargames, has just launched.

Machinas is the interactive card game of death racing over a Post-Apocalyptic landscape.

Machinas is self-contained but can also be played with miniatures in any scale.

Orcs in the Webbe have posted up a new scenario for Two Hour Wargames' Chain Reaction system.


From the post:

Heya Folks!

Today sees the first scenario on Orcs in the Webbe written specifically for use with Two Hour Wargames’ Reaction System series of rulesets.

It was written so it could be played solitaire with the free to download Chain Reaction rulesets but can easily be played using any of their game systems thanks to the modular nature of the games with their central Reaction System mechanic.
Two Hour Wargames is running their All Things Horror Kickstarter. It's made it up and over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for 11 days.


From the campaign:

A line of metal 28mm miniatures for use with All Things Zombie and other horror games. Includes Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and more!

It's our goal to offer a variety of miniatures in a consistent, true to life scale, to satisfy all your horror gaming needs and we have the sculptor to do it! We have zombies, werewolves, vampires, humans, aliens and magic casters all in unique poses.

If you want to add to your zombie horde we have five poses including a Smarty, a shotgun armed zombie. Want more zeds? We have options of multiple zombies, all you'll need to play a game of All Things Zombies or any other zombie game.

Two Hour Wargames is having a special sale price when you bundle their By Savvy Steel and And a Bottle of Rum game books.


From the announcement:

When you buy And a Bottle of Rum and By Savvy and Steel receive 20% off of the combined price.

And a Bottle of Rum is our Pirates game with rules for small adventures, large land battles, ship to ship fights and fleet actions. Includes a campaign system with two campaign areas, the Caribbean of the 1600's and Lemuria, the Lost Continent.

By Savvy and Steel allows players to take the role of a Gentleman, Highwayman, or Soldier and adventure through the time period of the Three Musketeers. Also includes a campaign system and over 100 pre-generated characters to add spice to your adventures.

Both are compatible with each other so you can shift your characters from setting to setting.

When ordering type in the coupon code


for the instant discount. Discount applies to PDFs as well as printed copies and remember, you always get the PDF with the printed copy.

Two Hour Wargames has posted up some more previews of zombies for their All Things Zombie Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

More zombie sculpts but this time better pictures LOL!

Two Hour Wargames has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a line of 28mm zombies for their All Things Zombie game.


From the campaign:

A line of metal 28mm metal miniatures for use with All Things Zombie and other horror games. Includes Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and more!

We're trying to get funding for a line of 28mm miniatures to go with the Final Version of our Origins Award Winning Miniatures Game, All Things Zombie.

With the release of the supplement, High Rise to Hell, we've completed the circle of horror by adding Vampires, Werewolves, Casters and more to your zombie games. It's our goal to offer a variety of miniatures in a consistent scale to satisfy all your horror gaming needs and we have the sculptor to do it!

We've already successfully funded and completed a similar project in 15mm but the demand for 28mm is such that we're going to give it a try!

Perfect for any horror game and sci fi settings. Check it out!

Two Hour Wargames takes you back to a more civilized time in their latest game, By Savvy and Steel, which is available now.


From the release:

By Savvy and Steel takes the player back to 17th Century Europe. Everyone's heard of the Three Musketeers and the Cardinal's Guard, and yes, By Savvy and Steel will work for that, but we've taken it a bit farther. How far? Glad you asked!

Instead of tying you into Paris of the Musketeers, we let you travel the countryside in a generic country called Edenstein. It's based on the Europe of the 17th Century, and it could be France or England if you want, but it doesn't have to be. You have the choice, it's your story!

Inside, you'll find: