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Twelve Elements of War

Sword & Board Games gives us another preview render with a look at the Jaded Noble.SourceFrom the post:This (Goblin) Jaded Noble has tired of all the petty politics engulfing the Eastlands of Dothmora
Sword & Board Games has posted up a new render for Twelve Elements of War. This one's the Dwarf Highguard "Survivor" Runecaster.SourceFrom the post:Of the thousands of troops who marched north under t
Sword & Board Games is now taking pre-orders for their new fantasy miniatures game, Twelve Elements of War.SourceFrom the announcement:PRE-ORDERS are now AVAILABLE to order on our webstore. Pre-orders
Sword & Board Games is showing off a preview render of the Faun Runecaster they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:Roaming the Eastland in search of rune knowledge, this Faun Traveling Scholar
Sword & Board Games didn't fund their 12 Elements of War Kickstarter. But all is not lost.SourceFrom the announcement:Hi All,On the 22nd our Kickstarter ended unsuccessfully.Instead of focusing on the
Sword & Board Games has added free worldwide shipping to several pledge levels of their Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter campaign. They're also showing off the preview artwork for their first stretc
Sword & Board Games has regrouped, repackaged and relaunched their Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:Twelve Elements of War has relauched on Kickstarter and is off to
Sword & Board Games has cancelled their Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter campaign in order to move a bit further along with the development and expand capabilities of the company.SourceFrom the upda
Sword & Board Games made it over their first stretch goal already for Twelve Elements of War. Just think how many more they'll go through in the next 35 days.SourceFrom the update:Hi All,Today be reac
Sword & Board Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Twelve Elements of War. They're about 3/4 of the way to funded already.SourceFrom the campaign:Twelve Elements of War is a collaborative