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Tsuba Miniatures

Tsuba Miniatures put up some greens for a couple upcoming units of WWI Germans and Russians.

From the preview:

Paul has also been busy and here are the greens for the next two Russian sets and also another one for the Werdenfelser. There's one Japanese set in the works but no photo of that one, yet.

The Russians get an additional set of Riflemen in firing/loading pose as a lot of people asked for more variants. (Please note, that there are no plans for additional sets in advancing and charging pose in this uniform.)

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Tsuba Miniatures has several new Freikorps Werdenfels units available over on their website.

From the release:

We are proud to announce the release of a second (small) linie of 28mm pewter miniatures besides the Russo- Japanese War: The Freikorps Werdenfels.

These guys were part of the federal troops sent to Munich to fight against the Munich Soviet or Concil Republic in May 1919.

All miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks with the notable exceptions of the Dachshund by eBob and the MG08, which is used under license from Musketeer Miniatures. All these miniatures have been painted by Andrew Taylor, as Simon is very busy (not least with some Russo-Japanese-War miniatures). This first release features the following five sets:

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Tsuba Miniatures is working on a new Putilov M1902 artillery piece and wanted to show you how it was coming along.

From the preview:

Ian Crouch (Crouchie), of Chieftain Models and BEF Miniatures fame, has very kindly offered to built the artillery pieces for Tsuba Miniatures. These will be the Type 31 Arisaka field gun for the Japanese and the M1902 Putilov for the Russians.

Here's a sneak peek of the Putilov

Tsuba Miniatures has released some new Russian officers and NCOs for their historicals line.

From the release:

Here they are (I received the castings this week from Griffin Moulds). They are equiped and posed to fit right in with the available Russian troopers. These are now available. ;-)

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