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True Messiah

Looking around outside and at the news, it can sometimes feel like it's the end of the world (as we know it). Well, why not take advantage of that and save some cash? Sinister Design has put their cri
Are you a god? Winston told us to always say, "YES!" and in True Messiah, you can make that a reality. Gain followers, sabotage your opponents, and become an actual deity. You can pick up this award-
It's Saturday.It's also October.I mean, seriously, can it really get that much better than this? Oh, yeah, *puts on some Type O Negative while working on the post* There we go.Anyway, you want 'em, so
You've probably heard of psychosomatic responses. That's where you believe something hard enough that it starts to actually take a form. A version of this is the placebo effect. Someone tells you that
Well, the office is a little quieter today as some of the people head out to California for WonderCon this weekend. And this time next week I'm sure I'll be somewhere in Kentucky or maybe Indiana on m
Well, folks, we're almost there. We've made it through almost all of the work week and we're cruising towards the weekend. We'll be there before you know it. Just some more things to do here and then
Well, after quite an eventful week including having to spend a night at a friend's place because my car was being fixed, it's made its way to once more be Friday. Booyah. Though not exactly "cheering