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True In One

Seems like now's as good a time as any to have a Kickstarter campaign for a horror RPG. As such, True in One is running one for Horrors: The Scary Story RPG. There's all sorts of odd things that go on in the world. Some really are just "random happenings" but others are a greater conspiracy at work.
Earth. It's a nice, ripe, blue planet just hanging there in space. So enticing. It's easy to see why aliens are invading it all the time. Though usually they just come one at a time. But what would it be like if a whole bunch were invading at once? That's the story behind Directive: Invasion, a new board game that's up now on Kickstarter.
We hope your week has gone by well. It's been a busy one over here. Lots of news and lots of work on the next issue of Ravage US. However, we have had time to collect our regular group of reviews for you to look over.

This time we have reviews/previews of: D&D Miniatures: Tyranny of Dragons Booster, Keyflower: the Farmers Expansion, Sentinel Tactics, Hitman Holiday, Fleet Commander: Nimitz, The Robotic Age RPG, Mutiny, Grifter: A Game of Cons, and Bruges.

True In One is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Robotic Age: Mars, a new supplement for their Robotic Age RPG setting. With inspiration taken from such sources like RoboCop, Mega Man and Ghost in the Shell, the setting and rules let you build the cybernetic/robotic character you want. The Mars supplement adds such elements like Mecha (because giant robots are cool), a detailed description of life on Mars, new fighting styles, and new enhancements.
The campaign has passed their goal. So it's on to stretches for the next 19 days.


From the campaign: Discuss