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Midweek Snippets

Midweek already. Never a complaint when we are already halfway through the week. Especially since I've got gaming lined up for Saturday. But before we get there, we need to actually get there, if you know what I mean. And if we're going to get there, we need to have snacks to eat. And that's just what we're here for now.

On the platter today we have: Divination Gaming Dice by DougOutCrafts Up On Kickstarter, Nuns with Laserguns Up On Kickstarter, Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Dragoon Half-tracks for Hammer's Slammers, Up to 25% OFF sci-fi Female Resistance Fighters range From Statuesque Miniatures, RN Estudio Running Mythexplorers II Kickstarter, and New Stalingrad Germans Available From Great Escape Games.

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Troublemaker Games 6mm Crowdfunder Last Day

Troublemaker Games is in their final day for their 6mm Indiegogo campaign. They've made it through all their stretch goals, so if you want in, it's a pretty good deal on the littlest of little mans.


From the campaign:

Troublemaker Games have unlocked our final stretch goal for this campaign as we head into the last 24 hours.
The command echelons of Tusculum Novan armies require a vehicle that is part command centre, and part mobile battle fortress. Wrapped in multiple layers of reactive armour, equipped with advanced communications and jamming technology, protected by energy shields and armed with multiple defensive weapons, the Dictum Mobile Command Centre is the heart of a Novan army at war. Some Novan commanders have been known to request some of their command centre's spacious operations room be given over to the operation of a massive automatic petard cannon and seek out direct battle aboard their massive command vehicles, although this is not standard recommended practice at the orthodox Novan war academies.

The Dictum is a very large metal model kit, 5.8cm long, 3.6cm high, and 4cm wide.

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Troublemaker Games 6mm Armies Indiegogo Stretch Goal: War Stalkers previewed

Troublemaker Games is showing off their War Stalkers 3D renders they've got as a stretch goal for their 6mm armies Indiegogo campaign.


From the announcement:

Cybershadows forces use War Stalker light mechs as part of their combat forces.

Each War Stalker can wield equivalent martial capability to a platoon of infantry or medium tanks, and when operating in hunting packs only Leviathan Stalkers can hope to oppose them for concentrated combat potential.

Cybershadows War Stalkers are 30mm tall to the cockpit window, and each set comes with the following components:
- 5x War Stalker Bodies & heads
- 4x Powered Claw Arms & 1x Electro-Sword Arm
- 5x Twin Snub Cannon Weapon Arms
- 1x Rotary Cannon, 1x Flame Thrower, 1x Rocket Launcher

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Troublemaker Games 6mm Scale Crowdfunding Campaign - Cyber-Monday Deals

Troublemaker Games has some special Cyber Monday deals going on over in their Indiegogo campaign.


From the update:

Check the Perk list out for our special Cyber-Monday deals, available for one day only!

To use a Cyber-Monday Deal, simply purchase the appropriate Perk, and at the end of the Crowdfunding Campaign we will email you to find out which models you want. These credit Perks are available for one day only, but can be used to pay for any Troublemaker Games 6mm scale models, including "stretch goal" models that have not yet been unlocked.

Pledge £100, receive £110 of credit!
Pledge £200, receive £225 of credit!
Pledge £300, receive £350 of credit!
Pledge £400, receive £475 of credit!
Pledge £500, receive £600 of credit!

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Troublemaker Games releases 6mm scale Beast Superheavy Tank

Troublemaker Games has a new 6mm Superheavy Tank available over in their webshop. They've named it the Beast.


From the release:

Beast Class Transport

Skinnerz forces use modular super-heavy vehicles known as "beasts" in a variety of configurations. Some individual examples may be lightly armed and optimised for transport duties, whilst others may be festooned with super-heavy weaponry.

This set contains 2x metal Beast Class Super-Heavy Transports (each 6.1cm in length), plus Laser Cannon & Macro-Howitzer modular weaponry choices.

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Troublemaker Games releases 6mm scale Plastic Bases

Troublemaker Games keeps your littlest little mans standing with their new 6mm scale plastic bases.


From the release:

Brand new 25mm Diameter Plastic Bases from Troublemaker Games.
Troublemaker Games' own plastic bases, designed for 6mm scale miniatures.

This set contains 80 6mm scale plastic bases.

The bases can also be turned upside-down if a 25mm diameter flat circular base is required.

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Final Hours for Troublemaker Games Indiegogo campaign

Troublemaker Games is in their final couple hours over on Kickstarter. If you wanted to get in on their 6mm army campaign, now's the time.

From the update:

Hello amazing people!

We’re going to be away from an internet connection for a few hours (great timing we know!), so we’re going to announce the £11k stretch reward now…

… For every pledger who has put in £30 or more, Ye shall receive a free hardcopy Defeat In Detail rulebook!

…For every pledger who has put in £100 or more, Ye shall also receive two free sprues of plastic bases!

Unless we don’t break £11k. Then you’ll only get the amazing models and free gifts that have already been unlocked and paid for, what a shame!

Thankyou for your incredible and unexpected support everyone!

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New stretch goal announced for Troublemaker Games Indiegogo campaign

Troublemaker Games posted up a new stretch goal for their 6mm scale minis campaign up on Indiegogo.

From the update:

And so the final week begins.

The last month has amazed us at every step, we are incredibly grateful for all the incredible financial support we’ve received so far.

We’re currently dedicating all the funds we can from new pre-orders towards improving the plastic sprue (adding extra poses & sculpts), but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer a cool bonus stretch goal in the final week…

So, without further prevarication, hesitation, delaying, pontificating, mis-direction, concealment, waffle (etc)…

If we hit £8000, every pledge of £45 or more will receive one free infantry & IFVs plastic sprue, and every pledge of £90 more more will receive two free plastic infantry & IFVs sprues.

Thankyou for your continued support!

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Big update to Troublemaker Games Indiegogo campaign

Troublemaker Games made it through another stretch goal over the weekend in their 6mm Indiegogo campaign. They've posted up a big update about what's available now.

From the update:

Here comes our biggest campaign update to date!

First of all, we’d just like to say thankyou for your continued support, without your financial backing this project would have failed at the first hurdle, and for that vote of confidence we can only be grateful.

Well, I suppose we could send you some toy soldiers, too…

Speaking of toy soldiers, here are our latest Product Additions, all of which are now available as Pledges:

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Troublemaker Games updates their 6mm Scale Armies Indiegogo campaign

Troublemaker Games has added new anti-aircraft vehicles to their 6mm Scale Armies Indiegogo campaign.

From the update:

Our new product addition for today is a self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Vehicles set, which is available to pre-order now.

This set will contain two plastic infantry & IFV’s sprues, enough plastic bases for the plastic infantry, and enough metal components to build four Alien Anti-Aircraft vehicles and four Human Anti-Aircraft vehicles.

We’re currently firming up what our next major stretch goal funding level will be, but in the mean time any profits that accrue will be diverted into funding improvements to the plastic sprue… stay tuned!

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Troublemaker Games 6mm Armies IndiegogoCampaign Passes First Stretch Goal

Troublemaker Games made it past their first stretch goal over on Indiegogo for their 6mm armies campaign.

From the update:

We’ve made it past £3500, so the Advanced Plastic Sprue is Funded!

But in practical terms, what does that mean?!

Well for starters, it means everyone who’s pledged for the 6mm scale Plastic Armies Boxes is now going to be receiving 20% more models, for free!

In addition, we’ve been able to open up four new pre-orders:

- Plastic Bases Sprues
- Churchillian Tanks
- Black Prince Tanks
- Alien Biker Gangs (they come with plastic bases)

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Troublemaker Games makes it over funding goal in Indiegogo campaign, posts up stretch goals

Troublemaker Games has made it over their funding goal over on Indiegogo (Woot!) and they've posted up their stretch goal they hope to surpass next.

From the update:

Wow, what a crazy 24 hours!

We! Are! Funded!

This is a huge moment for us, to know that the first 6mm scale plastic scifi infantry models to be released in over a decade will be hitting the shelves in the not-too-distant future is simply amazing, and it’s humbling to us to know that you (the community) have chosen to get behind us in our dream to bring brand new tiny man-barbies to your gaming tables.

Thankyou everyone, for your trust and your confidence. We will do this for you.

Now, let’s chase down the Advanced version of the sprue, where everyone who’s already paid-in gets 20% more models for no extra cost!

£3500 here we come!

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Troublemaker Games looking to fund new 6mm models on Indiegogo

Troublemaker Games has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new line of 6mm miniatures.

From the campaign:

Hi everyone,

We're looking to produce some new 6mm scifi army plastic sprues.

Our initial goal is well on its way to being met, but beyond that we've got some great stretch goals planned, including more models on the sprues (for the same price - so entry level pledgers will get their boxes upgraded for free if we hit Stretch Goal #1), plastic buildings (suitable for 6mm or 10mm gaming), and with a little extra push, a boxed game...

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