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Trollish Delver Games

Trollish Delver Games has released Dungeon Nights, their new adventure RPG that brings things back to an older time. It's a game with an oldschool feel, but with modern rules insights to create a new,
Trollish Delver Games is pleased to announce the release of SHATTER6, their new universal role playing system. It doesn't use classes. Instead, players have Tags that loosely define what they are capa
As you all know, I'm a fan of games that have a unique concept. So when you see things like, "solo letter-writing RPG", it stands out from the crowd of games whose premise has been done before. Well,
There's a lot of folktales from England. Many of them tell of various horrors that lurk out in the dark countryside. Now, I might not normally suggest playing a game based on those stories by yourself
When you can't find others who are able to game with you, solo game are your savior. And if you want a bit of role-playing action, there's Quill. Well, a new variant of the game is available. It's cal
When many of us think of a "Fantasy RPG world," we think of something rather Tolkien-esque. But there are plenty of other fantasy writers out there that can be used as inspiration for your game. One s
The British Isles have quite a lot of folklore associated with them. Various tales of heroic individuals (that may or may not have actually existed) bring an already rich history of the land even more
I love games with a unique premise. There's lots of games out there in genres that have been done over and over again, with more coming all the time (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you). So
I do not believe that we are alone in the galaxy (and certainly not in the universe). However, I don't think that little, green men are buzzing us, picking up people out in the country, and "probing"