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Troll Forged Miniatures

We've got a bunch more news snippets for you.There's some new miniatures from a new game company, Corvus Corax Miniatures. We've got new WWI terrain tile bases from Amera. Kromlech has some new wallpa
Here's the latest batch of news snippets for your Sunday reading.There's a bit of everything. New Skeleton Centaur Cavalry paper minis, a new Inquisitor from Kromlech, a new NOLA house from Finger and
Troll Forged Miniatures posted some photos of their metal master Queen mini they've been working on from their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Here is a shot of the metal put together for
Troll Forged Miniatures posted up another post-Kickstarter update with a look at the greens for the Alien Hunters they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:These are the Alien Hunter Greens for our Ki
Troll Forged Miniatures has been questions about how they make their molds for their Trollcast process. So they've posted up a few photos of how it works.SourceFrom the post:Hello all, we've had a few
Troll Forged Miniatures is showing off the production model for their Wyrm figure from their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the post:We have posted an update on our Kickstarter showing off a producti
Troll Forged Miniatures is showing off the WIP greens for their LE Grub from their Alien Host Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:The last of the Grubs, the Kickstarter exclusive Limited Editi
Troll Forged Miniatures is showing off the new Hounds models they got from their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the release:We've posted an update on our blog, and Kickstarter, showing off the Hounds
Troll Forged Miniatures has posted up their Pledge Market for their Assimilated Alien Host line over on their website.SourceFrom the release:Troll Forged Miniatures has opened a Pledge Market to trade
Troll Forged Miniatures is showing off a WIP green of one of the aliens from their recent crowd funding campaign.From the preview:What a beast. This miniature or kit will be around 17 parts when finis
Troll Forged Miniatures is showing off a WIP of their second Swarm Adult mini that they're working on.From the preview:Ok not sure how many of you remember the adult swarms and how they grow into the
Troll Forged Miniatures is now accepting PayPal orders for their Kickstarter bundles.From the announcement:Hi all,Our Kickstarter has been fantastically successful. Now Ed, Brain, and I are working on
Troll Forged Miniatures is in their last hours up on Kickstarter for their Assimilated Alien Host.From the latest update:I took the time to draw a bit over Des's concept just to bring it a bit more in
Troll Forged Miniatures continues their rise through the stretch goal numbers, breaking through #6.From the campaign:Troll Forged Miniatures keeps swinging for the fence. While others are losing steam
Troll Forged Miniatures keeps rolling through the stretch goals, making it through #5.From the update:Our Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter has hit $24,000! Unlocking the massive Alien Fiend.The Fie
Troll Forged Miniatures keeps rowing the boat over on their Kickstarter, passing by Stretch Goal #4.From the update:The monstrous Alien Wyrm has been unleashed! Along with the Wyrm, the fourth stretch
Troll Forged Miniatures has made it through another stretch goal over on Kickstarter.From the update:The third stretch goal was knocked down this weekend, unlocking the Alien Queen. This beast will be
Troll Forged Miniatures has yet more updates for their Assimilated Alien Host Kickstarter project with a look at some more greens.From the update:Ok so decided these are pretty easy to sculpt so chang
Troll Forged Miniatures has made it past the $12k mark over on Kickstarter, adding more alien goodness to the campaign. They've also posted up concept art for their Alien Hunters.From the update:New c
Troll Forged Miniatures, like the headline says, has updated their Kickstarter campaign with new stretch goals and art due to them reaching their goal (Yay!).From the update:Troll Forged Miniatures Ki
Troll Forged Miniatures put up some new concept art and new greens photos on their Kickstarter page for their Assimilation Alien Host project.From the update:Ed has finished one of the grubs, and Des
Troll Forged Miniatures keeps rolling along over on Kickstarter for their Assimilated Alien Host line of models. They've got some WIP pictures up of what they've been working on.From the update:We are
Troll Forged Miniatures has started up their Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter campaign. Go check it out.From the campaign:Troll Forged Minis announces Kick-starter for Ed Fortae's sculpted miniatur
Trollcast, for those that haven't seen the other updates, is the new product by Troll Forged Miniatures where they're spin-moulding their plastic parts. There's been some talk about it. Well, here's a
Troll Forged Miniatures releases the second of their "Trollcast" box sets with their new Alien Brains.From them to you:TFM are pleased to announce the release of our first Trollcast Sci-Fi Box Set: Bo