Trench Relaunches on Kickstarter

Not to say that I like when I see Kickstarters not do well, by any stretch. But I am heartened when I see a campaign that was struggling look at making a fresh start, reconfigure some, and get back into the swing of things with a new campaign that does just fantastically well. Outer Limit Games redid their Kickstarter campaign for Trench, making it much easier to see what you're getting, and relaunched. This new campaign funded in just 3 hours.

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Trench Strategy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

I am a fan of abstract strategy games. I also have an interest in WWI. Well, mix those two together and you get Trench, a new strategy board game that's up on Kickstarter now. Take control of your army and maneuver your way across the diamond-shaped board and to the other side of the trench that divides it. Capture your opponent's pieces and press on to victory.

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