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Trench 2114

Trench 2114 is now taking names for people who want to get their new KT-1B Heavy Battletank as soon as possible. Be the first gamer on your block with it!From the announcement: I just wanted to let an
Trench 2114 wants to show off the previews for their new Panzer Troops coming out soon (feel free to pre-order them, even!). Have a look.From the preview:Above is a master sculpts pic of two of the po
Trench 2114, that we showed you the preview art for a little bit ago, is up on Indiegogo looking to get funding for the launch of the game. Check 'em out and hopefully donate a couple bucks.We have de
Trench 2114 has some new concept art up on their website for their upcoming game.From the announcement:My name is John and I am heading a group working on a new game title called Trench2114, it’s a po