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TQD Castings

TQD Castings has some new German infantry available. Check 'em out.

From the release:

Latest addition to TQD Castings 20mm World War II range

TQD-GH34 German anti-partisan infantry
German infantry with mp40, priming grenade, attacking with spade & cossack with sabre

Available now

TQD Castings latest 20mm WWII releases:


From their website:

German Fallschirmjager
TQD-GF10 1943-45 FJ ATG Crew

Polish sets for the Warsaw uprising 1944
TQD-PH3 Polish Home Army (AK)
TQD-PH4 Polish Home Army (AK)

U.S. infantry
TQD-AI7 U.S. Bangalore torpedo team

Available now at
TQD Castings have releases new models for their 20mm WWII miniature range.

From their website:

TQD Castings 20mm WWII New Releases

Neu Heer with mixed arms

Painted figures by Daryl Grant

Along with, 1942-45 German Winter Infantry and 1944 Joachim Peiper Waffen SS command set

C-P Models and TDQ Castings present their latest 20mm World War II sets.

From their announcment:

Latest TQD Castings 20mm World War II sets

  • TQD-RI7 1943-45 red army infantry 1

  • TQD-RI8 1943-45 red army infantry 2

  • TQD-RI9 1942-43 red army infantry in great coats & helmets

The greatcoated infantry are suitable for the battle for kharkov

These sets are now available from
TQD Castings have released several new 20mm WWII miniatures which are available from CP Models. U.S. Riflemen Skirmishing From their announcement:
Latest TQD Castings 20mm WWII releases WWII U.S. Infantry
  • TQD-AI1 U.S. General, MP & Sniper With Russian Rifle
  • TQD-AI2 U.S. Riflemen Skirmishing
  • TQD-AI3 U.S. NCO's Skirmishing
  • TQD-AI4 U.S. Infantry With Browning Automatic Rifles
  • TQD-AI5 U.S. Infantry Bazooka Team
  • TQD-AI6 U.S. Infantry HBT Uniform
Early WWII Waffen SS
  • TQD-GS5 SS Snipers
  • TQD-GS6 1938-43 Early War Waffen SS
  • TQD-GS8 Waffen SS NCO's In Early Smocks Armed With Mp40'S
  • TQD-GS9 Waffen SS In M38/40 Early Type Smocks With K98'S
  • TQD-GS10 Waffen SS In M38 Early Type Smocks Armed With Auto Rifles
  • TQD-GS11 Waffen SS In Early Smocks Armed With Mp44
  • TQD-GS12 Waffen SS Grenadiers In Early Smocks Armed With Mg34'S
  • TQD-GS13 Waffen SS Tank Hunters In Early Smocks W/ Panzerfausts
These sets were part of Elheim Series one & out of production. They have now been re-coded & integrated into TQD Castings 20mm WWII ranges. I am pleased to announce they are now available again from
CP Models and TQD Castings have released new 20mm WWII British Infantry figures. 20mm WWII British infantry From their announcement:
Latest 20mm WWII sets from TQD Castings
  • TQD-BR4 - British Snipers
  • TQD-BR5 - British Riflemen In Windproof Smocks
  • TQD-BR6 - British Squad Command In Windproof Smocks
These sets are now available to buy from C-P Models site. The entire TQD Castings range has been re-coded to enable them to be listed by troop type and keep the codes running numerically. So you will now find all the NKVD, for example, listed together, hopefully making the TQD pages easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. I have included a code checklist on each page to enable you to reference the old codes. Have also added a brief guide on re-basing figs without using the slottabases, for those of you who dislike slottabases.
Three new packs of TQD Castings 20mm WWII figures are now available from the CP Models website. Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry From their announcement:
Latest 20mm WWII sets from CP Models & TQD Castings
  • TQD 17a Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry
  • TQD 18a Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry inc. Mg34
  • TQD 43 U.S. Airborne support inc. Bazooka & Browning LMG
These sets are now available from