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Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

It's halfway over. The work week is about half-done for most of us. With any luck, you're looking forward to a weekend of gaming. I might be doing some of that. But I can guarantee that I'll be doing
And here we are again. Friday: threshold to the weekend. I'm sure many of you are gearing up for a weekend of gaming, possibly starting as early as when you get off of work. I'm looking to spend tomor
And we've made it, once again, to Friday. Woot!The weekend lays ahead of us. If you're lucky, you've got some gaming scheduled. That's what I'll be doing.In the meantime, we've got our regular set of
Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay!Woo! We've made it, everyone! At least for me, it was a nice, calm, "standard" week. As a creature of habit, I'm very grateful for that. Many of us here in the US are also getting
Woo! Friday! Woo!*runs around with arms over my head*The Gateway to the Weekend is once more upon us. In just a couple hours, we'll be enjoying a couple days off to do whatever we want (hopefully that
The week continues on. We've made our way to Wednesday. Hopefully the first half of your week has been drama-free (unless you're, like, a thespian or something). It's that time to fuel up on some bite
We once more stand on the precipice of the weekend. I hope you've got gaming stuff planned. I know I do. It'll be a good time had by all. Lots of gaming, and then lots of reporting about said gaming b
We're making our way through the week here at a steady pace. It's already Wednesday. I hope it's going smoothly for you. It's been naturally busy the first couple days after the Expo. I'm mostly caugh
When people ask me what I'm doing on Sunday, I generally say, "As little as possible."Granted, considering today has included making breakfast, doing dishes, doing laundry, prepping to cook what will
And we're walking.And we're walking.And we're walking.We're making our way through the week.It's Wednesday and it's time for some bite-sized gaming stories.Today we have: Mekawing Z 1.9.5 released in
Well, winter is almost technically over. Just a couple weeks left. Here in Atlanta it's already started to get rather nice outside. But that doesn't mean we can't focus on gaming. Raging Heroes is her
The fellows over at Raging Heroes are giving you a chance to win some of their minis over on their website. While the group is working on a set of rules for their figures, they know that a lot of peop
It's cool to see companies that, when I started, were just very small, or some that didn't even exist, grow into brands whose names have some very cool products to them. Such is the case with Raging H
Raging Heroes is looking to unlock some more minis for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 campaign."But, that Kickstarter's been over for quite some time now!" I hear you say. Well, just because the
Raging Heroes is in their final hours for Toughest Girls of the Galaxy II over on Kickstarter. They've made it over $730k for the campaign, with lots of stretch goals broken, giving you more add-ons a
Raging Heroes has added in a PayPal option for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 campaign. It's not on their Kickstarter page (of course), but it's over on their regular website. And if you want to
Raging Heroes has added a new pledge level to their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy. You can now get the Eminence package. It's $1,500, but you get over $2,475 worth of minis. There's also new freebie un
Raging Heroes once more takes to Kickstarter with a Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter campaign. This time it's Light and Darkness, as they have 6 new armies. One of the armies are the Lust Elve
Raging Heroes has announced that they'll be starting a new Kickstarter campaign on the 25th. Now that the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy has been handled, they're moving on to the Toughest Girls of the
Raging Heroes continues to bring out more models from their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line over in their webshop. The first Iron Empire heroes are now available. And because they're so kind-hearted