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Torn World

Torn Armor has regrouped and put forth their plans for moving forward with their game.SourceFrom the update:Backers,So it has been a tough week and I wanted to see what developed before I posted an up
Defiance Games has posted a longer-form reply to the situation that occurred between them and Torn Armor.SourceFrom the update:Let us preface all this by saying that Defiance Games has had it's share
Defiance Games has posted an open letter rebuttal to the announcement made earlier by Torn Armor. See that post here.SourceFrom the letter:An open letter to Alyssa Faden of Torn Armor.Alyssa,Did you r
Torn Armor has posted up an unfortunate update to their Kickstarter campaign. It seems as though the project is on a forced-hiatus due to money troubles with Defiance Games.SourceFrom the update:Dear
Torn Armor continues to chug along after their successful Kickstarter. They're working on artwork for the spell cards for spellcasters during the game. Here's a look at Divine Protection I.SourceFrom
Torn World gives us a look at the 3D render for the Sisk Skirmisher Golem they've been working on.From the preview:Sisk Skirmisher Golem, ready for molding!
Torn World has posted up the full cover artwork for Torn Armor.From the update:So what is your favorite section from the final box art?Artist: Jeff Laubenstein
Torn World shows off some more of their cover artwork for the upcoming Torn Armor skirmish game.From the preview:Close up of the box cover artwork by Jeff Laubenstein.I think that hoplite should watch
Torn World RPG shows off the 3D render for the Mu slinger they've been working on.From the preview:I thought this was too cute not to post. As you know we're moving into miniature production and part
Pins of War recently sat down with Alyssa Faden and chatted about Torn Armor. See what they had to say.From the interview:This is an extended 2-part interview with Natalya A. Faden, the creator of Tor
Torn Armor launched their Kickstarter campaign today. Go over and check it out.From the campaign:Torn Armor is a fantasy skirmish miniature game based on the rich lore of "Torn." It features anthropom
Torn World has some more previews up for their game. These two are the Minotaur brothers: Riftblade and Ghost.
Torn Armor is a new skirmish game coming from the Torn World setting. They've given us some photos they'd like to share of two Behemoth Assault units they're going to be coming out with. Stay tuned fo
Center Stage Miniatures has 5 days left in their Torn World Kickstarter. To try and reach some higher stretch goals, they've added some new minis to various pledge levels.From the update:With under a
Broken Binding gives you... the rest of the story... (channeling some Paul Harvey there) with the second part of their interview with Alyssa Faden.From the interview:Earlier this week I delved into th
Farsight Blogger took a minute to sit down with Alyssa Faden about Torn World.Yes, this is a different interview than before. Alyssa's just popular like that.From the interview:Another wonderful littl
Torn World has a 3D render up (and a spinning view of it in the link) of their Sisk Light War Golem. Go check it out.From the preview:The Sisk faction is known for their "Roman-like" expansionist natu
Center Stage Miniatures has a little over a week in their Torn World Kickstarter. They've posted up greens of Red and some artwork for their next stretch goal.From the update:I think you'll agree she'
Broken Binding sat down and talked with Alyssa Faden about Torn World (that fantasy setting you've been hearing about lately).From the interview:Alyssa Faden appeared on my radar when I saw some of he
Torn Armor, from Torn World, will be running a Kickstarter starting next month in order to fund the starter sets for their new skirmish game.The link heads to their artwork page on Facebook, by the wa
Center Stage Miniatures is looking to really get some funding behind them for their Torn World minis set on Kickstarter. They've made it to their base goal and have unlocked some extra stretch goals.F
Center Stage Miniatures has launched their Torn World Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of 28mm fantasy models.Note: Not all photos in the link are work-safe.From the campaign:Close your ey