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Torn Armor

Hey there gaming buddies, it's time again for another Sunday Snippets here on TGN.So what's happening? We've got some photos of Medrin cast in resin resin, Torn Armor gives us an update of their 3D re
What is that you are ripping?For regular readers of TGN, you no doubt remember the rather rocky road that SoulJar Games had gone through in order to get Torn Armor out to the world. Well, the base gam
Torn Armor lets us know how things are progressing with shipping, minis, and other such things in their latest update.masters 1masters 2 SourceFrom the post:Hi gang,So ... yes ... wow ... we have a lo
Torn World lets us know how things are progressing along with their shipping.SourceFrom the update:We have confirmation that Torn Armor is shipping out from China this weekend. It will be in transit f
Torn Armor gives us a quick look into how production is coming along for their game. It's nice to see things going in a continually positive direction.SourceFrom the update:Hi all!So some exciting pic
Torn Armor gives us another update on how things are progressing with the release of their game.SourceFrom the update:Hi backers,A quick update to let you know where we are at on the two main producti
Torn Armor gives us another update about how things are going with their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:Happy Friday backers!We have a little bit of ground to cover here, so let's jump str
Torn Armor gives us another look into how things are coming along with their post-Kickstarter progress.SourceFrom the update:Hi all,So I didn't want to let too long go by without an update, so here's
Torn Armor posted a new update about how things are moving along with their project, including a brief note about Defiance.SourceFrom the update:A quick update on the general pulse of things:1) No wor
Lesser Gnome has stepped in to lend a hand to the Torn Armor Kickstarter campaign with a special deal.SourceFrom the update:Hi backers,So as Centerstage came forward with their very incredible offer t
Torn Armor posted up another update on how things are going with the project in the wake of the situation with Defiance.As of this posting, there has not been any sort of response from Defiance.Source
Torn Armor has regrouped and put forth their plans for moving forward with their game.SourceFrom the update:Backers,So it has been a tough week and I wanted to see what developed before I posted an up
Defiance Games has posted a longer-form reply to the situation that occurred between them and Torn Armor.SourceFrom the update:Let us preface all this by saying that Defiance Games has had it's share
Defiance Games has posted an open letter rebuttal to the announcement made earlier by Torn Armor. See that post here.SourceFrom the letter:An open letter to Alyssa Faden of Torn Armor.Alyssa,Did you r
Torn Armor has posted up an unfortunate update to their Kickstarter campaign. It seems as though the project is on a forced-hiatus due to money troubles with Defiance Games.SourceFrom the update:Dear
Torn Armor gives us an update about how things are going with their post-Kickstarter progress, including a new 3D render and art piece.SourceFrom the update:So here we are, the 8th day of the New Year
Torn Armor continues to chug along after their successful Kickstarter. They're working on artwork for the spell cards for spellcasters during the game. Here's a look at Divine Protection I.SourceFrom
Torn World gives us a look at the 3D render for the Sisk Skirmisher Golem they've been working on.From the preview:Sisk Skirmisher Golem, ready for molding!
Torn World has posted up the full cover artwork for Torn Armor.From the update:So what is your favorite section from the final box art?Artist: Jeff Laubenstein
Torn World shows off some more of their cover artwork for the upcoming Torn Armor skirmish game.From the preview:Close up of the box cover artwork by Jeff Laubenstein.I think that hoplite should watch
Torn World RPG shows off the 3D render for the Mu slinger they've been working on.From the preview:I thought this was too cute not to post. As you know we're moving into miniature production and part
Torn Armor is showing off the 3D render for their Sisk leader.From the preview:Sisk Syntagma Tribuni Angusticlavii.The leader of the Sisk faction forces in the Torn Armor Kickstarter. He stands opposi
Torn Armor is previewing some more 3D renders for their game.From the preview:Buckles and Sebastian are a special hero unit in the Torn Armor game. Not only are they a "Mercenary faction" (which allow
Torn Armor is another company that's been busy after a successful Kickstarter. They've got an update about their progress up, along with some preview artwork for a future release.From the update:A fut
Torn Armor had quite a ride on Kickstarter, successfully funding their game. They've been busy since its completion. Here's a look at the WIP cover art.From the preview:Sneak Peek of the Torn Armor co