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Torg: Eternity

Torg Eternity sure has been blowing up the charts since its recent return to tabletops. Players are looking for more cool adventures to add to their collection, and another is up on Kickstarter now. A
Torg Eternity made quite a triumphant comeback earlier this year. Now, Unlisses Spiele is looking to expand with the next book. It's The Nile Empire, and it follows the continuing saga of the Possibil
There's been many RPGs that've come and gone over the decades. Not every game can last forever. But that doesn't mean they're dead and gone forever. There's always a chance for a rebirth of a classic.
Ulisses Spiele US is bringing about the return of a gaming classic. The Torg RPG came out originally from West End Games in 1990. Now, fully updated into Torg: Eternity, the game is getting a new rele