Topexx Dominions

Friday Snippets

Well, this rocket-fast week is rocket-fastly coming to an end (yes, I made up a word there. It's not a very good word, but there it is). The weekend stretches before us like a blank canvas. Personally? I'm going to be playing some Guild Ball, putting together some Kingdom Death (or, hopefully, just playing more Guild Ball :P ), and then making a fruitcake (because I actually like fruitcake). But that's as may be. If I'm going to be doing all that, I should fill up on bite-sized gaming stories to make sure I get through it all.

Today we have: Gamelyn Games announces Heroes’ of Land, Air & Sea, Steampunk 35mm Miniatures from Topexx Dominions Now Live on Kickstarter, HSD Miniatures Expansion 1 on Kickstarter, and Battle Dice Weekend Promo From Bits of War.

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Space Monkeys Down announces Topexx Dominions Card Game

Space Monkeys Down has announced Topexx Dominions, their upcoming card game set in a new IP that they're planning on creating numerous game systems for.


From the website:

Topexx Dominions™ is a tactical combat card game™ (TCCG™) where you, as the General of your army, are pitted against one or more other armies in a battle for supremacy. As the General, you gather your resources, recruit new and powerful units to your army, and test their mettle against your opponents. The cards are hexagon shaped, allowing for each of your units to have a variety of attacks at your disposal, making every encounter a unique and rewarding experience. Alter the course of the war by using topexx crystals to invoke powerful magics known as transmutes, or purchase combat altering powers. Use shakaa dice, a newly designed dice system, to do damage and simulate the dynamic nature of battle, as the art of war is a messy and bloody place. Be the hero you were born to be!

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