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In most pirate games, the Kraken is a vicious monster that you must be wary of, lest it come and wreck your ship and send it to Davey Jones' Locker (as opposed to Micky Dolenz' locker). But in Kraken
Woo! Friday! Woo! *runs around with my arms over my head* As you all know, Friday's my second favorite day of the week (just behind Saturday, and just in front of Sunday), mostly because once I clock
Board Game Playmat [3'x5'] Cushioned / Water Resistant
We've finally made it to Friday! I don't know about you, but this was a really long week for me. Partially because I've been anxious to get back to playing D&D. Our second session will be tomorrow, an
Wow, Wednesday already? This week's just rolling by. Not that I mind that, of course. I've got some D&D coming up this weekend, so you know that I'm stoked. So, here's to hoping that the rest of the w
Well, it's finally Friday. Seems like it's taken forever. Also, who wants to take bets on me clocking out this evening and then suddenly feeling like I'm clocking in on Monday morning? You know weeken
It has been a busy week.Work has been full of time working on (redacted). I can't wait until I can tell you all about it. Other than that, I'm making pizza tonight. And by that, I mean I made my own s
Well... that was a bit of an adventure.For those interested in keeping track, Monday I noticed my car had a coolant leak. Tuesday I took it into the shop. They originally said, "it'll just be a couple
Well, while it seems like we dodged one bullet here in Georgia the other day, only getting some rain. It's looking tonight like we might get a bit of accumulated precipitation. Though considering tomo
We're just chugging right along in the week. We've already made it back here to Wednesday. Hopefully the week has been treating you well.As for us here, we've got another batch of bite-sized stories f
Seems that all y'all are crazy... crazy interested in Lobotomy, the new board game from Titan-Forge. In it, you play as a patient looking to escape from a hellish asylum. Or maybe it's all just in you
You don't have to be crazy to play this game, but it'll help. ... That's meant in jest, by the way. I'm not saying you actually have to be insane to play Lobotomy from Titan-Forge. It just so happens
Seriously, is the week just chugging along for the rest of you, too?It is for me. Seems just yesterday I was working on stuff for Monday. Now it's already Wednesday. I guess being ridiculobusy before
Titan-Forge has announced a brand new board game they've been working on. This one's a bit of a more dark and sinister theme than Armymals has. The name of the game is Lobotomy, and the goal is simple
The work week rolls on. I'm once more in my Wednesday attire (Kansas State Baseball practice jersey over SIUE t-shirt), which is appropriate, seeing as it is Wednesday. With any luck, your week is goi
Well, we're mostly caught-up here after the Expo last weekend. Still a few things to deal with, but my inbox was actually down to a manageable level after going through it yesterday. Of course, it's n
Titan-forge is in their last days up on Kickstarter. They've blown past the goal and through several stretch goals, but they'd like to go for more before the buzzer goes off. As such, they've launched
Titan-Forge has added new Kickstarter exclusives to their X-Terra Space Force vs. Daemonic Kingdom campaign. You can get new objective markers, a new vehicle, or some new artillery. They've got a spec
Titan-Forge has their latest Kickstarter project underway. They've left behind the steam and iron for the wide open spaces of outer space. Whether you want some of the X-Terra Space Force or some of t
It's Wednesday already? This week's going by like last week did. It'll be Saturday before you know it (and time to play some D&D for me, anyway).So here's another group of shorter stories we found ove
Here's the latest batch of news snippets for your Sunday reading.There's a bit of everything. New Skeleton Centaur Cavalry paper minis, a new Inquisitor from Kromlech, a new NOLA house from Finger and
Titan-forge takes to the air with their latest release. This time it's sky beasts.SourceFrom the release:Another deadly beasts soaring over Daemonic Kingdom!
Titan-Forge has their 2nd wave of minis that were funded via their Metal Beards Kickstarter campaign now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the update:Second Wave of Metal Beards and SoKV is a
Titan-Forge has released their new Warlocks on Skybeasts set over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement: This set contains four Daemonic Warlocks on Skybeast models.This resin set contains:Deam
Titan-Forge steps away from the steampunk and fantasy for a bit for a new sci-fi release with their new X-Terra Guardians.SourceFrom the release:Titan-Forge releases first product from new X-Terra lin
Armymals is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter. They've made it rather far through their stretch goals, but there's always room for more.SourceFrom the campaign:Armymals are funded for a w