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Tin Man Miniatures

So, I have made it to Indianapolis for Gen Con.
And I'm sitting in my hotel room, sorting e-mails, replying to e-mails, and typing up these posts. I hope you all appreciate it. ;) :P
Anyway, seeing as it is Wednesday (though it certainly doesn't feel like it, at least to me), it's time for some midweek snippets. I know I need to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories before the hurricane of activity that'll happen over the next several days.

On the platter today is: Sasquatch Game Studio announces Alternity science-fiction roleplaying game, Dized Board Game Companion App to be at Gen Con, Deadman Diaries a new gamebook from Cubus Games, Victory Point Games Previews Upcoming Kickstarter - Planet Rush by Reiner Knizia, Sharknado Board Game Coming To Kickstarter August 13th, Heavy Metal by Acheson Creations is Funded and with a new pledge level, Entries now being accepted for the 2016 Windhammer Prize, Tabletop Miniatures Solutions Running Undying Armies Indiegogo Campaign, War Co. Coming To Kickstarter August 15th, D13 and D15 debut from Impact! at Gen Con, Hitech Miniatures Releases NoeProspector Virgilius, TinMan 35% Off "Back In Business" Sale Happening Now, and New Marian Romans From Xyston Miniatures.

Hello there, Wednesday. How are you? I see you've brought the Guns 'N' Roses weather back with you. And while I know I'm in the minority here in Atlanta when I say, "woo! Rain!" I don't care. I enjoy it. So there.

Along with the rain, Wednesday brings us our Midweek Snippets post, where we bring you some bite-sized stories that we've found over the past couple days.

In this batch we have: Tor Gaming Announces The C’thu Kickstarter, We're All Mad Here NPC Contest from Wizard of the Coast, Fistful of Lead: Reloaded fully backed on Kickstarter, Tin Man 35% Off Sale Ends Sunday Night, Shieldwolf Miniatures releases new Goblins, New Sci Fi Dwarves from Scibor, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm October Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, The Seraphis Institute - The Third Army Deal From Nexus Miniatures, Vasseth Strike Tank and Reaction Force released by Loud Ninja Games, New Shaleground 30mm and 40mm RL Deals From Tabletop-Art, Crusaders of the Faith Revealed for Shattered Earth's Children of the One True God Faction, Medieval Mayhem Coming This December, New Cavalry Models From Brigade Models, and Just Four Days left on the Interface Zero kickstarter for Fate.

Sure, moving can be a really exciting thing. You've got a new place you'll be going to on a regular basis. It might be in a new city, or country, or even just up the block a little bit. But hey, that's still pretty cool. However, moving also means packing up all your stuff into boxes and physically moving it from one place to another. That's kind of a pain. You know what's better? Getting rid of as much stuff as you can before you move. That's the route that Tin Man Miniatures is going with their moving sale.
Tin Man Miniatures is happy to be bringing back their annual spring sale. You can get all the springs you want from their shop with *gets handed a note* *reads the note* ... Oh, an update, Tin Man Miniatures does not sell springs. They are, however, bringing back their sale where you can get 35% off your order, in honor of Spring. Go check out what they've got to offer and get yourself some minis for cheaper than usual.

From the announcement:
Tin Man Miniatures has two new releases available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Tin Man has added new weapon options to their Kaldor and Horde Warrior figures.

Tin Man Miniatures is in their final couple days for their Lost Worlds Kickstarter campaign. They're showing off a WIP of their Empress Xanith mini, too.


From the update:

The sculptor finally sent us an in-progress photo of Empress Xanith, so we wanted to get that out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support! We're almost to $10K and the unlock of the third Sisterhood Assassin!

Tin Man Minis has posted up a new list of stretch goals for their Lost Worlds Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

I know we're still a few hundred away from reaching $9K, but we've had such amazing response to this product line that we wanted to do a preview of the next set.

As mentioned in a reply to Moneypenny's comment, the third Sisterhood Assassin is in fact the first stretch goal of this set!

Thank you so much for the AMAZING support!!!!

Tin Man Miniatures made it up and over their funding goal for their Lost Worlds' Princesses Kickstarter campaign. They've added a bunch of add-ons to it as well.


From the update:

Thank you all for your support and for the help getting the word out! We are now fully funded with 24 days to go!

As was mentioned in the last update, the entire Tin Man Miniatures line is now available as add-ons (graphic shown below) and the first stretch goal, Princess Dari, is now unlocked!

Tin Man Miniatures continues our "current status of Kickstarters" day here on TGN with a look at the stretch goals they've got for their campaign.


From the update:

This has been an amazing week! We are incredibly appreciative of your continued support! Since we're so close to reaching our goal, we've decided to post the first batch of stretch goals a bit early. Their unlock level is listed below each figure, and there are a ton more after this batch!

Tin Man Miniatures has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign to expand their range of metal minis.


From the relaunch:

Our hopes for this Kickstarter are that it will enable us to fund the production costs that, until now, have been holding us back from expanding and fully developing our miniatures line as we always envisioned and intended it to be. If successful, we will have the means to bring nearly forty new models models into production that will satisfy the needs of collectors and gamers alike.

Tin Man Miniatures has updated their Kickstarter campaign with new add-ons as well as posting up their stretch goals. Go see what's been added.
Note: Not all models are entirely safe-for-work.


From the update:

Thank you for the AMAZING first week! We're thrilled at the level of support we've seen, it's incredibly rewarding. YOU are making this project a reality!

We wanted to let you know about a new development to our campaign. We've had a lot of questions about combining website orders with the Kickstarter, which ends up being basically impossible to set up logistically (the website orders are processed via PayPal; the Kickstarter is processed via Amazon, who does not support PayPal; and so on).

We have decided to make our entire line of miniatures (except for bases) available as add-ons, available to anyone who pledges at the CANIS TRAINER level or higher. These are strictly add-ons, and are not part of any pledge level. The graphic is attached at the end of this update.

Tin Man Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the expansion of their line of miniatures.
Note: A few of the models are a bit more risque.


From the campaign:

We have recruited a lot of great talent to get this project launched. Check it out now.

TinMan Miniatures is having an anniversary sale over in their webstore.
Note: some naked models there. Just so you know when browsing.

From the sales sheet:

TinMan Miniatures is having a 40% off Third Anniversary sale from now through November 6.
In conjunction with the sale is the release of our new Cave Girl miniatures (item 2005)

TinMan is having themselves a sale. Why not get some figs for a little cheaper than usual, eh?

From Sunday, June 24 through Sunday, June 30 all regular prices will be reduced at TinMan.

TinMan has released a new female assassin over in their webstore.

From them to you:

Jalara, the assassin is now available at TinMan.

TinMan Miniatures has new Horde Warrior Riflemen now available.

From the update:

TinMan has an addition to their line of miniatures with this new Horde Warrior model.

Tin Man Miniatures is running a sale on their website. Go pick up some models, why don't'cha?

From the notice:

Starting Sunday, March 18 and lasting through Sunday, April 1, all TinMan merchandise will be 30% off regular retail prices.

TinMan Miniatures responds to popular demand, the Wild Ride Maiden is now available as an individual model:

TinMan Miniatures previews New Minis:

From their announcement:

Five new items are available now at TinMan including the Wild Ride, the Jungle Lord, a Martian swordsman, a nude girl, and a Dwarf that fell through an inter-genre portal of some kind.