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Congratulations for surviving another work week. The entire weekend looms before us, full of possibilities. With any luck, you've got some gaming in mind. I'll be taking photos of a bunch of my figures, preparing to sell them off, as I need to make room for some other stuff coming in. Hey, if I've not played a game for ~5 years, and don't really plan on getting back into it, it's probably time to let someone else enjoy it.

Anyway, that's as may be. We've got another collection of bite-sized stories for you. They include: New supplement for By Fire and Sword Announced, Victoria Miniatures Posts September Releases, Ratgard: Preview of the MLRS-Badger, Darkmoor RPG Coming To Kickstarter Next Week, 15mm Caesar's army - Marian Roman 105 BC - 25 BC On Indiegogo, Steve Barber Models New Webshop Opens, Carbon Fiber Playing Card Case by Essential Carbon On Kickstarter, Clear for Takeoff Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Looking For Group Minis Now Available, and Fantasy Flight Games to Release Colored Flight Stands and Bases for X-Wing.