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Tiger Miniatures

We're making our way through the week here at a steady pace. It's already Wednesday. I hope it's going smoothly for you. It's been naturally busy the first couple days after the Expo. I'm mostly caugh
Tiger Miniatures has some new VSF/Steampunk minis available over in their webshop.100_1146100_1150 SourceFrom the release:Tiger Miniatures have uploaded the new range of 28mm VSF / Steampunk figures t
Tiger Miniatures launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new line of Victorian Sci-Fi and Steampunk miniatures.SourceFrom the campaign:A range of 28mm white metal figures for you Victorian Scifi and Ste
Tiger Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new line of Steampunk Miniatures.From the campaign:28mm figures in Airsuits and other steam punk figures.Looks like a great idea
Tiger Miniatures is going to be attending Phalanx 2012 and would love it if you'd stop by their booth and say, "Hello!"Tiger Miniatures Will be at Phalanx 2012 in St Helens on Saturday 16th June fora
Tiger Miniatures are due to release Infantry Pike, Arquebus and Mounted Heavy Cav In Morion Helmets. Suitable for Spanish, French, German etc: