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Wee Gamers recently sat down with Jon Visovic, the mind behind Thon, and had a chat. Go see what they talked about.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers had the pleasure of chatting to Jon Vosovic, the man behind the current Kickstarter project, THON the game. He has a pedigree in gaming and is putting it to good use.

Thon is looking to add some gaming tiles to their box set. Will yours be the pledge that gets them backed?

From the campaign:

At $55K, EACH CORE SET will be upgraded with game boards and punch out cardboard cover tiles. This image is a quick mockup of some Ord terrain that can be used as walls, floor tiles, cover plates or even Orbital Drop Cover, and Orbital Support Option for the Ord.

Thon gives us a look at some 3D render WIPs.

From the update:

Some WIP shots today, first, a head variant for the Ordhren Soldier featuring a flip up visor option. Other variants coming.

Next, the Ardor Corps with Magnum. The AC is the base Ordhren Class in Narrative Play to which players can convert and add bits to kit our their AC to match their evolving and leveling character.

AC are also upgrades for a force using Forgemaster Tyrian as an Overlord in Versus play.

This week we will have updated scale images, Pics of the Honor Guard Model, new background and SCOMA vids as well as our last two Exclusives

Thon shows off their RPG video over on their Kickstarter page.

From the announcement:

What IS in this vid: A quick breakdown of class roles, stats and leveling. THON is a fast-paced, 28mm tactical wargame, pitting the Starlight defending Thonians against the ruthless Sons of Ord.

Thon has made it through their first stretch goal on Kickstarter. They've posted up a little photo to show what they've got in store next.

From the announcement:

Thank you all who have supported us this far. First goal down. Now on to the Core Keepers and Honor Guard! THON is a fast-paced, 28mm tactical wargame, pitting the Starlight defending Thonians against the ruthless Sons of Ord. Rule book also covers rules for THON sci fi RPG and more.

Thon has another preview of some artwork for yet more Kickstarter-exclusives. This one's for the Spirit of Thon.

From the preview:

Spirit is the Soul Core of Starlight Thon. This very Limited Edition Mini of Spirit in her CORE RUNNER form will not be available outside of this Kickstarter.

Thon gives you a look into the mechanics of the game (I know a couple people have been waiting to see this) with a new gameplay video they've posted up on their Kickstarter page.

From the update:

Check out this quick 2 min video detailing the basic game turn in Thon.
THON is a fast-paced, 28mm tactical wargame, pitting the Starlight defending Thonians against the ruthless Sons of Ord. It is also a Sci Fi RPG, with instructions for a build your own free for all.

Thon gave us a look at one Kickstarter exclusive yesterday. Here's a look at two more.

From the previews:

War Keeper Caurus is the Thonian Emissary to Starlight Morvia. Caurus is soldier first and politician a distant second. Bequeathed the massive cuirass ‘Formidable’ by the most gifted Forgemaster in the galaxy; his brother, Ordhren Lar, Slodan Ord. War Keeper Caurus is a Thonian Commander Option.

The Warhound Riders were the first Ordhren units sent to trakk and capture Thonian Core Runners trapped behind lines after Ord razed the Acquiry hubs in the East.

Thon has been doing rather well on Kickstarter, already making it past their funding goal. So they've posted up the first bit of artwork for their Kickstarter exclusive model.

From the announcement:

‘Halcyon Virus Initiated. Argo is no more.’ - Forgemaster Tyrian Evo

Forgemaster Tyrian Evo single-handedly fell several Starlight on the distant Eastern Front, earning him the title, Tyrian the Tyrant. The most gifted of all of Ord’s Forgemasters, Tyrian is only the second Forgemaster to earn both the Ordhren Forgemaster and Theledonian Mastertect titles. Tyrian Evo is an Ordhren Overlord option.

+1 Tyrian Evo!

+4 DRX Drones!

Tyrian can increase his Fury Pool to create a DRX drone from his in-built Flash Production Drive, or expend Fury to convert an existing unit into a Legion Soldier!

Thon gives us another look at what they've got in the works with a view of their Automated Defense Unit's 3D render.

From the preview:

Thonian Automated Defense Unit (ADU) - Work In Progress.

Thon is getting some new Fireborn. They posted some photos up and we thought you'd like to see them as well.

From the preview:

Fireborn are the finest soldiers in the Ordhren Empire. Covered in heavy plate and armed with IMPACT and Nailgun, the Son's of Ord know no equal.