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The WitchBorn

So, how about that "super eclipse" of the moon earlier this week, eh? ... It was overcast here in Atlanta, so I got to enjoy simply all the photos that friends were posting on Facebook. Of course, there was also the posting of plenty of memes about it. In The WitchBorn, certain moons have certain effects on people. During the Dragon Moon, you might get a little hungry. Ok, not a little hungry, but really hungry (as I tend to be), and that hunger drives you into the woods in search of food. But, like most places in the WitchBorn, there's danger in them thar woods.
Hocus pocus! Abracadabra! ... Abracapocus! Hocus cadabra! Newport News! Walla-Walla Washington!
However you choose to cast your spells, be it magic words and phrases (like Bugs and I choose), or some other method, they can be a rather powerful addition to your repertoire. And in a dangerous world like the one in the WitchBorn, having someone who has mastery over the magical arts could be the difference between life and death in those unforgiving wildernesses. The War Mage Diary gives you new spellcasting rules and magic items with which to enhance your games.
The Witchborn is a miniatures skirmish game. Well, that's not really correct. I mean, it is a miniatures skirmish game, but it's also brings in a lot of role-playing elements to it. Even more than something like Mordheim, the decisions you make and the outcome of games really has a major impact on the progression of your war clan. They have released the first expansion set for the game, called Asylum.
CMON Expo approaches still. June will be here before you know it and it'll be time to party in downtown Atlanta with some great gaming going on.
We've announced 3 more vendors that will be coming to the show: Brush 4 Hire, Impudent Mortal, and The Witchborn. So we've got some terrain and accessories, along with a new skirmish game to check out.

From the announcement: