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The Voyages of Marco Polo

We all love our games (I'm pretty sure that's why you're perusing the site), but we sometimes want just a little -more- from them. The base box is nice, but just a touch extra could make it amazing. Thankfully, that's where Z-Man Games comes in with their mini-expansions. They're just a couple extra cards or pieces that you can add to your games to expand them out. They have new mini-expansions for Cacao, First Class, NMBR 9, Stone Age, and The Voyages of Marco Polo.

"A little goes a long way." It really is true. Just a couple small tweaks or additions, and a thing can seem entirely new. That certainly can be the case for a game. Z-Man Games is offering some of its little mini-expansion promos for some of their games as regular releases. So, if you're a fan of Terra Mystica, A Feast for Odin, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Beyond Baker Street, Carcassonne, and/or Sylvion, there's new sets you can pick up for them.
It's a long way from Italy to China. And both places are pretty big. Marco Polo certainly wasn't alone that whole time. He met with all sorts of people along the way, each one having their own impact on the trip. In the upcoming Agents of Venice expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo, there are new characters that you'll encounter along your trip. Z-Man Games gives us a look at them in this preview.
Marco Polo heading out into the East is only half the story. It wouldn't be quite a big deal if he never returned. But when he did, he brought all his accumulated findings back and helped increase communication and trade between the two regions of the world. In the Agents of Venice expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo, Marco Polo has made his way back to the famed city and is now looking to work with various trading houses. But how will that work? Well, find out in this preview from Z-Man Games.
The voyages of Marco Polo are legendary. There's many conflicting tales of what he did, where he went, and what he brought back, simply because it was seen as such a big deal. It's so mythical that there's games based on him, such as The Voyages of Marco Polo. That one, in particular, is getting a new expansion called Agents of Venice. You can check out this preview from Z-Man Games about what you can expect.
*jumps in the pool and closes eyes* Marco!
... Marco!
... Marco!
Aww, doesn't anyone else want to play? You're all off playing The Voyages of Marco Polo from Z-Man games? I guess that's fair. Well, you might want to know, then, about the sale that Z-Man is having on a mini-expansion for the game.
As I mentioned before, this week really seemed to go by fast. At least I thought so. Here it is, Saturday morning (well, it's morning when I'm working on this post, anyway), getting ready for a full day of cooking (pot roast and banana pudding cheesecake pie) and thinking, "wasn't it just Tuesday, like, yesterday?" Anyway, as my day is full of cooking, I hope your day is full of gaming. But what games should you play? Well, how about a list of reviews to help you make your choice? Seems like a good plan.

Today's topics include: Arcadia Quest, Star Wars Risk, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Dominion: Adventures, Dragonwood, Treasure Hunter, Isle of Skye, Hocus, and Caylus.