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The Titan Manufactorum

The Titan Manufactorum has another new kit available. This one's your new Guardian (I'd call mine Captain Sham).From the release:The Guardian is now available. The model is 7.5" tall and weighs 0.8 kg
The Titan Manufactorum has remade and released their humongous Warbringer Maximus Titan.From the announcement:The new and improved Warbringer Maximus Titan is now available. This monstrous model is 24
The Titan Manufactorum gives your table some more cover with their new 4-story Apartment Building terrain piece.It'll also hold your minis for transport, if you want.That stack of old Where's Waldo bo
The Titan Manufactorum now has their massive Warbringer Titan available over in their webstore.From the release:The Warbringer Titan is now available to order.This monster of a model is 24" tall and w