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The Thunderbirds

We all know how cool a board game can be. But when you start throwing in the expansions, that game can potentially get even better. Well, the folks over at Modiphius are offering a special bundle deal for their Thunderbirds: International Rescue game where you not only get the base game and the first expansion, but also two more expansions before they're even available to the public.
So, who out there has been enjoying the Thunderbirds board game from creator Matt Leacock? Hopefully a bunch of you just raised your hands (which would be cool if you were just sitting in your cubicle at work and randomly raised your hand). Well, what about branching out from the board game to a full RPG in the Thunderbirds universe? Well, that's just what Modiphius is bringing you (along with some other, cool extra things for the games as well).
Board Game Quest had themselves a little chat with Matt Leacock. They talk about the creative process that he uses and how it's changed over time, what it's like to have created a gaming phenomenon such as Pandemic is, what it's like to work on a licensed product like The Thunderbirds, and his thoughts on Legacy games. Plus, several other things. Go check it out.

From the post:
Modiphius has unlocked their Thunderbirds RPG on their Thunderbirds board game Kickstarter campaign. Now, not only can you play as the heroes on the gaming table, but you can actually RP in the world as well. With designs by Timothy Brown and Cam Banks, this will be an interesting, and fun, addition to your RPG collection.

From the campaign:
Polyhedron Collider sat down and chatted with two of the people behind the Thunderbirds board game that's up on Kickstarter.
They talk with Chris Birch from Modiphius about the acquisition of the license and with Matt Leacock about the board game rules.

From t he post:
Modiphius is set for adventure with the launch of their The Thunderbirds board game Kickstarter. The project has just launched today. With gameplay by Matt Leacock (creator of Pandemic), players must save the world from various disasters using the titular Thunderbirds.
The campaign has 33 days to go on it.


From the campaign: