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The Thirsty Gamer

Thirsty Gamer has teamed up with Super Robot Punch and CooMiniOrNot to bring you the Rivet Wars Christmas Truce painting contest.
For those that don't know, the Christmas Truces were impromptu (and unofficial) truces that sprung up on the Western Front during WWI between the Axis and Allied troops. Groups of soldiers came out of their trenches and shook hands and fraternized with their enemies across no-man's land. Soccer (or football, if you prefer) matches were also had between the warring sides.
Anyway, I could go on for hours about that (I do have a degree in History, after all), but let's learn more about the contest.
The Thirsty Gamer takes a look at Zombie 15', the 15-minute zombie board game, and gives you their thoughts on the subject in this review.



From the post:

Zombie 15’ was, as so many new games today are, a Kickstarter project that ran in 2013 and has recently started to ship to backers. Now, I’m not typically a huge zombie fan. I like Walking Dead enough, but I actually tend to like the human interactions more than the zombie slaying, and while I like Zombicide quite a bit, much of it has to do with its teach-ability and fun game mechanics; if you replaced its zombies with renegade marauders, I’d still like it just the same. So it was with some reservation that I backed Zombie 15’. What pulled me in was the really wonderful art style that Iello seems to consistently churn out (Asmodee is another publishing house that seems to employ artists that just “grab” me) and the fact that the game only lasts 15 minutes (hence the ‘15’ in Zombie 15’) due to the soundtrack that serves as a primary game driver.

The Thirsty Gamer takes a look at Rivet Wars: Eastern Front, in this review article.


From the review:

I love Real Time Strategy games. I cut my teeth on Command & Conquer and the original Warcraft games, and then moved into the juggernaut that is Starcraft when I was a teenager. From Age of Mythology to Rise of Nations, to Rome: Total War, I’ve pretty much played them all. I really, really enjoy them. As a miniature gamer, I’ve always been frustrated because there wasn’t any ‘good’ representation of the genre in a miniature game or board game. Rivet Wars fixes all of that in a dynamite package.

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