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The Shell Case

The Shell Case has a new painting contest going on in a team-up with The Army Painter.SourceFrom the contest:The Shell Case has launched a single miniature painting competition in association with The
The Shell Case has an editorial posted up by Gav Thorpe about where gaming is headed and the boundaries that are being redefined.SourceFrom the article:I was going to write a fairly snarky post about
The Shell Case takes a look at the Firefly board game form Gale Force Nine in their latest review.SourceFrom the review:The Shell Case takes a look at the new Firefly boardgame from Gale Force 9.Being
The Shell Case is showing off an exclusive preview they have for Tiny World's Tank Traps terrain pieces they're gonna be coming out with soon.SourceFrom the preview:Those excellent chaps at Tiny World
The Shell Case game blog sat down and talked with Superfluid Industries about their new Kicsktarter campaign.From the interview:The Shell Case talks to the guys behind the Dying Star Oblivion kickstar
The Shell Case got a chance to play a game many of us are wanting to get a look at the rules of, Dropzone Commander. Their experience is up on their website. Check it out.Yesterday I had the extreme p
The Shell Case has a review over on their website for GCT Studio's Bushido game. Check it out.From the review:No not the way of the warrior, but the skirmish game by those fine chaps at GCT Studios.Fo