The Primary

The Primary Coming To Kickstarter March 15

No matter who is in charge, we often feel that we could do it better. You look at what's going on and think, "You know, I could fix this all really easily. If only I was the boss." Well, in The Primary, you are looking to become the President of the United State of America (*Lump begins to play*). Can you win over the voters and become the most powerful person in the free world? The game will be coming to Kickstarter March 15th.

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Mountaintop Games Bringing The Primary Game to Kickstarter

Just about all of us feel we know what the country really needs to fix all its problems. So we'd love to become the president and make sure things go right this time. But first, you've gotta be elected. That's what you'll be looking to do in The Primary, a new board game coming from Mountaintop Games that they will be launching on Kickstarter later this year.

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