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The Polyhedron Collider Cast

My Monday was spent going back and forth between unconsciousness and Forged in Fire. Thankfully, I'm feeling much more awake today... kinda... Oh well, I'll make it through, and some gaming podcasts w
Man, all day, I've felt like it's Monday. From the moment I woke up, it was, "Well... Monday." Even to the point that I was confused why there was already a towel in the bathroom (I do laundry on Sund
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Tuesday? Apparently, it's Tuesday. Who knew? Well, I'm sure a lot of people did. And yet, here I am. But seeing as it is Tuesday, let's get some gaming podcasts going. This week on the dial we have:
Tuesday. We're into the real thick of the work week. I don't know about you, but my Monday was rough. It did rain in the afternoon, though, so it wasn't totally bad. But I'm definitely ready for this
Welcome to Tuesday, everyone. The work week is fully underway. And, as always, I'm dreaming of the weekend. So, what better way to speed it along than to listen to some gaming podcasts? Today on the d
Happy New Year, everyone! I know, we're several days in, but still. I hope your holiday season was good and you got all the gaming stuff you wanted. But now... *sigh*... it's back to work. And yeah, I
Tuesday. It's Tuesday. When I woke up this morning, I went, "Oh, Thursday. Nice!" And then I was like, "Oh, wait... no... wrong T-day of the week..." Ah well. So, the week's not exactly zipping along
It's already Tuesday. You know that's not a complaint from me. Get me through the week as fast as possible so I can get back to the weekend. And I've got D&D on Saturday, too. So, I'm rip-rearin'
Monday was weird for me. I woke up (at about my usual 4am), blinked, and then it was already 10:30am. But then, from 10:30am to 8pm took what felt like roughly 6 months. Whoof. I don't need that again
And we're into the work week proper by having come all the way to Tuesday. I hope your Monday started off alright. It's looking like it might actually start significantly cooling off here in Atlanta.
Tuesday. We're getting into the real thick of the work week. I'm going to be extremely busy, as a bunch of projects that I've been waiting on have apparently all become ready at the same time. So, tha
And we've made it to Tuesday. I hope your Monday was all good. Mine was alright. Though the leftovers I had for lunch were apparently slightly too leftover. Oh well. I have frozen chicken. Gotta get b
Tuesday. You know, I think this week is just going to feel weird time-wise. I've come to accept that. All day, I've thought that it was Wednesday. It's not. It's only Tuesday. Ah well, that means it's
A busy Monday made for a quick day. As I was getting this post started, I was like, "Oh... right, it is Tuesday." So, that's nice. It's also coming up to a 3-day weekend for me because we get the 5th
I just got a big assignment, so it's going to be a rather busy week. But that also means it's going to be a fast one (more than likely). I'm going to need something good to listen to while I do all th
Have to admit, I have been thinking it's been Wednesday all day. Unfortunately, the week's not going by quite that fast. It's still only Tuesday. In order to help speed things along so that we can act
This week is already literally going by faster than most because Sunday was an hour shorter for us here in the US. Of course, that meant I was shorted an hour of weekend. I'm not a fan of that. But, i
Tuesday already? Seems like the week is going by quick. At least, these first days are. That's fine with me. Get me back to the weekend ASAP. Some gaming podcasts will help those hours go on by. This
The Monday of the year (January), is over. And the Monday of the week is also over. We're into the work week and the year proper now. Can we speed both along with some gaming podcasts? Well, they can'
I know. I know. Podcast Radio is usually on Tuesdays. But I wanted to get through the bit of back-log of stories from over the holiday break. I've gotten most of them posted and have started working o
Whoof. You know, it's one thing for it to be Thursday or even Wednesday and you're like, "Woo! It's Friday! ... ... wait..." Yesterday, I had a Monday like that. I guess I'm really ready for this vaca
Tuesday. The work week's fully underway. The long-weekend-itis (at least here in the US) is hopefully over with and we can get properly into the rest of the week. But as you finally unbury yourself fr
Tuesday. The work week's middle section starts now. Well, it started this morning. But we're well into it now. I'm hoping for a quick one, as usual, though beyond just wanting a weekend, I'm excited a
Tuesday. We've made it into the work week proper. Hopefully, your Monday wasn't overly-Monday-like. Mine was chill. Stuff to work on, but nothing crazy. Just busy enough to make the day go by, which i
Jumping straight into Tuesday this week. I hope those of you that had Monday off had a good day (I basically slept all damn day). And to those that had to work, I at least hope it was a relatively eas