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Tuesday. The work week's well underway. Time to really put our heads down and power through, get to the middle, then end of the week, and get on to some gaming. Something that helps is some gaming podcasts to listen to.

This week on the dial we have: Game Classy Episode 176: Tears in Rain; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 256: View from a Twisted Pinnacle; The Offline Gamer Episode 35: EGX 2018; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 159: Brass, Newton, BGG Con; The D6 Generation Pip 8: Achievements in Gaming Nov 2018; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 136: David Waybright & Pulsar 2849; The Secret Cabal Express 43: BGGcon 2018 and DIY Tabletop Gaming Accessories; and Geeks of the North Episode 55: It’s Judgement time!.

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