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The Kick Off

Since it's after Thanksgiving, we've got Christmas music playing here in the office. But you can only hear Jimmy Durante sing about Frosty so many times. As such, we'll switch out to gaming podcasts s
It's Election Day here in the US.... ... ...Ok, so here's some gaming podcasts so you can plug your ears and go, "LALALALAAA! Anything else to listen to!" and hopefully avoid all the nonsense going on
I can already tell this week is going to be a long one. Not that Monday was bad, by any real stretch, but it just seemingly took forever. Even as I'm typing this now, it feels like I should be a lot c
Monday is over and we're now working our way through Tuesday. Hopefully the start of your week went by pretty smoothly. As we enter the middle three days of the week, let's keep the time rolling on by
Monday's gone and we're making our way through Tuesday. I'm hoping things are going well for you this week. I know a good podcast can help time go by before we get back to the weekend. And I've got a
Tuesday already? Seems it was just Monday yesterday.Oh... yeah, I guess it being Tuesday makes sense, then. Carry on.And while you're carrying on (my wayward son or not), you should give a listen to s
Here we are once more, ladies and gentlegamers. Monday is past. The work week is well underway. Just gotta take it one day at a time until we're once more deposited in the weekend. To help get you the
The week marches on. Monday's finished with and we're getting ourselves through Tuesday. Hopefully your Tuesday is going well. Mine's... dragging along a bit. You know what I need? Some gaming podcast
Well, after the giant speed-bump that is Monday (like having to get your AC repaired at home...), we've made it on to Tuesday. Yay! The week's well under-way and we'll soon be once more getting to the