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The Hopeless Gamer

The Hopeless Gamer has posted up a report of all the things going on at the Fantasy Flight Games booth at GenCon 2013.From the post:Another year, another Gencon has passed. Today's post takes a look a
The Hopeless Gamer blog has a new post with photos of the Sedition Wars figures on display at GenCon 2011. From their announcement: Fresh out of Gencon, we have pictures of all the Sedition Wars mini
The Hopeless Gamer has posted details and some photos of two new games FFG will soon be releasing. From their announcement: It came as a bit of a surprise yesterday when there was one new, stealthy a
The Hopeless Gamer have posted photos, from GenCon 2011, of the upcoming Star Wars the Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. From their announcement: Following up our pictures of the new X-Wing dog fi
The Hopeless Gamer have posted photos of the new FFG Star Wars X-Wing game. From their announcement: Fresh from the first day of GenCon, the Hopeless Gamer snagged some photos of the prototype Tie