New Nazgul, Tank Doors Available From Forge World

Two ends of the spectrum over on Forge World’s ordering page this week. On one hand, you’ve got the next set of Nazgul figures for The Hobbit. On the other hand, you’ve got doors for Rhinos and Land Raiders for a whole bunch of different Space Marine chapters.
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Forge World Taking Orders For The Nazgûl of Dol Guldur Set

The Nazgul are the elite of Sauron’s fighting forces. They’re his agents out in the land of Middle Earth, seeking out the One Ring, along with whatever nefarious plots Sauron’s cooked up. You can now order a new trio of these deadly creatures from Forge World for your games of The Hobbit.
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New Blood Bowl, Blood Angles, and Hobbit Pre-orders Available From Games Workshop

Games Workshop’s a little bit of all over with this week’s set of pre-releases that you can order now. The biggest one is probably the new Blood Angels codex, as well as a bunch of units for them, including Primaris Marines with Blood Angels insignia. Second would be the Blood Bowl items, which includes a new Elf team, along with an Elf pitch, team cards, and other various and sundry. Finally, there’s some new The Hobbit releases, including a Battle Companies book.
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Friday Snippets

Here we are, once more at the threshold to the weekend. I know I’m ready for it. It’s been a busy week with a lot of work going on here at the office. I could use a day of just hanging out and playing with my toy soldiers with some good friends. At least, that’s the plan for tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Gundabad Orc Upgrade Set Available To Order from Forge World, Early Achaemenid Persian Immortals Available From Xyston Miniatures, More Really Useful Box Storage Items Available From Sally 4th, and New Iron Reich Warchief Available From Kromlech.

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New 40k, Age of Sigmar, Hobbit Releases Available To Order From Games Workshop

Games Workshop is looking to be all-inclusive with this week’s set of releases. There’s new Nurgle releases for 40k. There’s a bunch of new box sets for Age of Sigmar, as well as a campaign system. There’s even a pair of Hobbit releases. Let’s take a look.
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New Hobbit, Blood Bowl Releases Available To Order From Forge World

It’s Friday, so that means it’s new-order-day over at Forge World. Today’s releases could’ve partially ended up in a Terrain Corner post, too, but since everything’s all in one place, we’ll put them here. They’ve got a new set for The Hobbit in the form of Bard the Bowman’s Family. They’ve also got a new bundle for Blood Bowl, as well as some new tokens and a couple new pitches to play on.
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New Releases Available To Order From Forge World

A bit all over the map with this week’s set of pre-orders from Forge World. In one corner, we’ve got a new armored vehicle for 40k, particularly the Sisters of Silence. In another corner we’ve got a Blood Angels Legion Transfer Sheet. And, in the final corner, there’s some Iron Hill Dwarves armed with crossbows.
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New Releases For The Hobbit Available To Order From Forge World

Well, it’s been almost a week. So, I’m sure all of you are all extremely tired of 40k already and want to play something else… I’m kidding. But if that actually is the case, and you want to play some The Hobbit, well, Forge World has some new figures you can order for the game. They’re Gwaihir, the Windlord; and the Troll Brute.
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New The Hobbit Kits Available To Order From Games Workshop

A little different item for you today from Games Workshop. They’ve not come out with a Hobbit release for a bit, but you can get two kits from their webshop. One’s the main crew, being Thorin Oakenshield & Company. The other is the Goblin King & Retinue. There’s also some Blood Bowl bases, a new novel, and a game board.
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New Grav Tank And Chariot Available To Order From Forge World

Whether you’re on the fields of Middle Earth or on some planet far off from Terra, nobody likes having to walk to battle. Better to get someone or something else to deliver you to the action. I.E. – Drive closer so I can hit them with my sword! Well, that’s what Forge World has for you today with their new releases. There’s the Iron Hills Chariot as well as the Legio Custodes Caladus Grav-Tank Annihilator.
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New Dreadnaught, Hobbit Miniatures Available to Order From Forge World

Two ends of the spectrum, of sorts, with new figures over in the Forge World webshop this week. On one side, you’ve got a new Space Wolves Contemptor Dreadnaught (with and without weapon arms). On the other side, you’ve got some new characters available for The Hobbit.
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New Dwarves and Trolls Available To Order For The Hobbit From Forge World

The Hobbit is getting a couple more releases over on Forge World’s website. It’s two ends of the scale this week. You’ve got the industrious but short dwarves. And you’ve got the nearly-mindless and rather monstrous trolls. So, whether you want little-smashy or big-smashy, they’ve got something for you.
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Blood Bowl, Horus Heresy, The Hobbit Releases Available From Forge World

Forge World is once again hitting a bunch of different games with this week’s set of pre-orders. Blood Bowl is getting another legendary Star Player. The Horus Heresy has the latest book. And for The Hobbit, the dwarves get a couple different reinforcements.
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New Gundabad Ogres Available From Forge World

Seems Forge World is continuing on with their Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit releases this week. Last time we got some dwarves. This time we go for something a bit bigger. There’s a new pair of Gundabad Ogres available to order. You can get them as a pair, singles, or as part of a unit bundle.
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New Blood Bowl, 40k, Lord of the Rings Releases Available From Forge World

A bit of a scatter-shot set of new releases from Forge World this week. There’s some new pieces for Blood Bowl. You’ve got some new bits for your 40k armies. And there’s a new unit for The Hobbit. Pretty much all we’re missing is an Age of Sigmar release.
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Games Workshop Black Friday Sale Happening Now

Games Workshop teased us that they’d have some Black Friday deals going on today, and that certainly is the case. Whether you play 40k, Age of Sigmar, or The Hobbit, they’ve got special deals going on for you.
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TGN Top 5 – Battles from The Hobbit Trilogy That I Want to Play

Enrico Nardini is always watching over Durin’s folk. TGN’s resident Hobbit freak lists his top five battles from The Hobbit book and its film trilogy that he would like to recreate with miniatures!


Spoiler warning! Though I don’t believe you can spoil a book that is over 75 years old, it’s important to note that Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie trilogy embellishes and in some cases diverges from J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy masterpiece. Aspects of Jackson’s trilogy are discussed in this article. You have been warned.

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Games Workshop has new releases for The Hobbit available to order

Games Workshop is taking orders for their new Desolation of Smaug rulebook and units for The Hobbit over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug™ provides a wealth of supplemental rules, which recreate the thrilling events of the film on the tabletop with your collection of Citadel miniatures. This 64-page, full colour, softback expansion for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ includes:
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