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The Games Collective

Something new is coming for Awaken, the RPG from Studio 2 Publishing and The Games Collective. They have been busy on The Liborian Saga, a new expansion book for the game. It'll be hitting Kickstarter
We all know how much I love posting stories about Kickstarters that succeed and then are able to be put up for sale to the general public. So, it could be said, that I love making this post, because t
It's always nice to see games that were funded via Kickstarter end up for general sale. In this case, it's the Awaken RPG from The Games Collective. Print editions will be forthcoming, but they've got
The Games Collective has been working on their new RPG, Awaken, and wanted to give a bit more information about it.AwakenPress5AwakenPress9AwakenPress10AwakenPress11 SourceFrom the update:The Games Co
The Games Collective announced their new fantasy RPG, The Rise Within. There's free, downloadable Quick Start Rules and a sample adventure over on their website for you to check out and see what the g