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The Game Crafter

Well, we're mostly caught-up here after the Expo last weekend. Still a few things to deal with, but my inbox was actually down to a manageable level after going through it yesterday. Of course, it's now filled back up again, but waddyagonnado?

Another thing that's full is the box with the bite-sized stories we've collected over the past couple days.
Good thing it's time for our regular Snippets post.

In this batch we have: New Releases from Scotia Grendel, Mounted Heroes 3D Store Opening This Fall, Some More Installments of "The Fiver" with The Meeple Mechanic, Spirit of Slaughterloo scenario for Flintloque, Manorhouse Workshop Update #38 – Modular Underground Project – New Pledge and new Early Bird, Iron Battlefield: corridors, buildings and catwalks for Space Hulk & Infinity on Indiegogo, Siren Miniatures posts Concept art for incoming July releases, Japanese-themed Robin Hood figures on Indiegogo, New Colossal Zeppelin from Titan-Forge, New Dungeon Saga Tiles Previews, New Dungeon Saga Tiles Previews, Heroic Maps - Outstation H9-7M, Infinity Plus One Master of Coin Kickstarter Happening Now, Soda Pop Miniatures Previews Beach Party Marie-Claude, Tabletop-Art Previews new Terrain, Historical, Fantasy and Sci-fi Offers at, New Pulp Alley figures by Statuesque, and Demigods Evolution unlocks Angel of Death.

The Game Crafter has released Tripods, their new Martian-invasion board game.


From the release:

The Martians have landed!
London is under attack!
Fearful Massacres in the Thames Valley!
Yes, it's the new War of the Worlds-themed board game Tripods! which has already been causing a bit of a stir among the Steampunk community with its pre-release games at the Asylum Festival this month. Players take control of the populace of London, hoping to win by scoring as many points as possible over the course of the game by helping their citizens to escape by boat or by train, or, if all else fails, just to stay alive. As the Red Weed spreads and available escape routes close chances of survival dwindle and humanity must fight amongst itself for for the remaining safe zones. It's dog-eat-dog in a desparate fight to avoid the Heat Ray and the dreaded Black Smoke.

Tripods is available now to purchase through The Game Crafter, those outside the US can pre-order a copy by supporting the UK/European print run at Indiegogo (search Tripods).

The Game Crafter is a service that helps starting-out game companies create professional-looking games that they can then use to sell their product ideas and hopefully eventually move on to more traditional producers, or even just use them to get product on game store shelves. Well, they're looking to fund a shrink-wrap machine. They've made it through the funding goal and the first stretch goal. With 9 days left, can they make it to the "self-aware shrink wrap machine" goal?

From the campaign:

We have researched and found the best shrink wrapping solutions for an on-demand production system like ours. We are presenting 3 different options below and your financial support will determine which machine will be integrated into The Game Crafter's production process.