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The Force Awakens

That title might not sound all that thrilling. "Oooh, a shuttle. What fun... not!" Because, let's face it, very few people come to the Star Wars universe to look at the shuttles. They're not as glitzy
The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game box helps you and your friends get into the Star Wars RPG system from Fantasy Flight Games. It's got everything you need, including a beginning adventure
The Heroes of the Resistance set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game gives us a pair of ships that've already seen time on the tabletops, but with a new look and new upgrades to make it an entirely new set
Fantasy Flight Games is keeping the Star Wars train rolling on this May the 4th (be with you). This time around we get a new expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures game to talk about. It's the Heroes of
May the 4th be with you.Seems like a good time to have a couple Star Wars stories. We had the Imperial Assault one earlier. Now we've got one for the Star Wars RPG. Fantasy Flight Games is going to be
May the Force Friday be with you.For those that don't know, a whole bunch of Star Wars toys are being released today in what has been dubbed Force Friday. Fantasy Flight Games is getting in on the act