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The Fantasy Trip

Steve Jackson Games recently brought back The Fantasy Trip, their fantasy RPG system. If you've not managed to get a group together yet, that's no big deal, because Till Death do us Part is a solo adv
The Fantasy Trip, Steve Jackson Games' fantasy RPG, recently came back onto the scene. So, GMs in the game are probably on the lookout for new content to add to their games. That's where Gaming Ballis
Most of us are stuck inside. And while game sales is cool, it will still take a while for those games to get here. However, if you've got a printer, you can get a copy of The Fantasy Trip: Melee and s
The Fantasy Trip from Steve Jackson Games recently made a reappearance in the gaming world. It's not taken long for players to start coming up with extras for it. In this case, we've got a group of ne
Steve Jackson created The Fantasy Trip waaaaaaaaaaaay back seemingly a million years ago as one of the first RPGs out there. Recently, he brought the game back successfully through Kickstarter. Now, t
The Fantasy Trip was arguably the original fantasy RPG out there. Steve Jackson wrote it waaaaaaay back before most of you were probably even gaming (it was before I was gaming, I admit). The Kickstar
One of the original fantasy role-playing games out there, The Fantasy Trip (no relation to a magical mystery trip), created by Steve Jackson, is back. Steve's got the license to make it back again, an
Steve Jackson Games has been making games for quite some time, longer than many of us have been gaming, or even really been alive. The Fantasy Trip was originally published back in the 70s, and so it'