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The Extraordinary Adventurs of Baron Munchausen

Well, it's Saturday. My day was looking like it might be a bit dull, but then a friend was like, "Hey, let's have everyone come over and game." and I was like, "done and done. I just need to type up a
People love choice. It gives you the ability to tailor-make your experience to exactly what you want. With a game, it can also create replayability. Even for a game as open-ended as The Extraordinary
One of my favorite movies is The Adventures of Baron Munchausen that Terry Gilliam did. Based on one of the best-selling books of all time, it recounts several of the adventures of the titular Baron M
We've all embellished a story. Maybe you didn't go 5 days without sleep, but only 2. Maybe you didn't have a girlfriend that lives in Canada. Maybe you didn't actually defeat 20 ninjas in combat, but
Well, the Year of New Editions has now tied in with one of my absolute favorite movies (I've read the book, but it was a looooong time ago. The movie, however, I'll watch once every couple months). Fo