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The Dice Tower

Hey everyone. I hope your Tabletop Day yesterday was good. I hope you enjoyed the Unboxing of Lost Patrol. I'm spending much of the day today putting together that set so I can try it out over the coming weeks. I'm also going to be baking German Chocolate Cake Cookies.
Yes, they will be as good as they sound.

But in the meantime, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Dice Tower Awards Nominees Posted, Warsenal new Limited Edition Infinity the Game Unit Markers for April, Functional Art - Dice Tower & Dice Box On Kickstarter, Final Hours for Moscow '41 On Kickstarter, KaYo Miniatures Running Simplicity 75mm resin cast Miniature Kickstarter, and Final Week for Xibalba On Kickstarter.

The order of days has progressed as it always does and we once more find ourselves deposited in Saturday. It's certainly my favorite day of the week. As this gets posted, I'm working on putting minis together. That activity is my favorite part of the entire gaming hobby. As such, I'm having a really good day. Hopefully you are, too.

But to the business at hand: reviews of games.

Today's batch includes reviews/previews of: Splendor App, Ticket to Ride: Alvin and Dexter, Rhino Hero, Word on the Street, Awkward Family Photos, Traders of Osaka, Blood Rage, and Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition.
Friday is once again upon us, dear readers. Oh what a glorious day it is, indeed. The weekend stretches ahead of us with all sorts of possibilities. Hopefully those possibilities include gaming-related goodness. My D&D game last week included using Unseen Servants to use an ogre corpse like a marionette. ... ... I've... got a weird group.

Anyway, as is our custom, we've collected various bite-sized stories and present them to you now.

In this batch we've got: Another World Miniatures announces new Indiegogo campaign, New 10mm SdKfz 251/20 'Uhu' (WWII German) from Minifigs, More codes in Khurasan's re-release of Testudo ECW/TYW range, Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP, Kabuki Models' original sculpture on sale, Dice Tower Award Nominations Posted, Battle Systems sneak peak of new terrain line, T1 Gaming Supplies Launch Event, Universal Adventures Adventure Module #3 Death Knell Delve Part I Now Available, Microworld Games 6mm Demons Released, Punkapocalyptic coming to Indiegogo on May 4th, Multiverse Gaming webstore is open, New 40mm bases from Dark Art Miniatures, and Dolmens and Dragons - An Entwickler Adventure from a Time before The War.

Plaid Hat Games has announced that they're working on two new games to be released soon. The first, slated for Gen Con, is Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix. This is a hybrid card/dice game, where players play as powerful wizards vying to become a god. Each player gets a customizable deck to represent their character's abilities. There will be standard and draft versions of the game available. The other is Tail Feathers, which will be set in their popular Mice and Mystics world. You play as a mouse (or a rat) and you're flying around on a bird, attacking other mice (or rats). Because... why not? Sounds pretty sweet to me. That game is currently in playtesting.

Video interview with The Dice Tower below the cut.

Miami Dice has posted episode 140 of their vidcast up online for your watching pleasure.


In this episode:

Tom Vasel and Sam Healey take a look at this futuristic sports combat game by Eric Lang and CoolMiniOrNot

The Dice Tower took a look at Leviathans from Catalyst Game Labs and has posted up a video of their thoughts on the subject.

From the review:

Tom Vasel takes a look at this airship miniatures game

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The Dice Tower takes a look at the Sedition Wars game.

From the review:

The Chief from The Dice Tower reviews Sedition Wars.

The Dice Tower did a video review of Catalyst Game Labs' new The Duke game, which is currently up over on Kickstarter.

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The Dice Tower put up their nominees for their Dice Tower 2011 Awards up on their website. Check 'em out.

The Dice Tower Network is proud to present the slate of Dice Tower Gaming Awards for games released in the year 2011. A committee made up of over 40 prominent podcasters and bloggers has come up with the lists of the best games of the year 2011.

A couple of notes on this year. First of all, there were so many fantastic games released in 2011, that we decided to increase the nomination slate for Game of the Year to 10 games rather than five. We've also added two new categories - an digital category - for board games translated to iOS devices or computers, and a thematic category - in which we recognize games that have unique, refreshing themes; or games that portray their theme well. Discuss