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The D6 Generation Podcast

It is Tuesday, isn't it? I don't know why that concept is sticking in my brain like it is. Maybe the caffeine from the Flamin' Hot Dew I had this morning is wearing off. Whatever it might be, it's tim
Tuesday already. Long weekends where you get Monday off are nice because you get back to work and it's already Tuesday. Never a complaint from me for that. I'm ready to get the week done and back to t
Tuesday. We're getting into the real thick of the work week. I'm going to be extremely busy, as a bunch of projects that I've been waiting on have apparently all become ready at the same time. So, tha
Tuesday already? Nice. I'm ready for a quick week. Not that anything bad is happening, I just like weekends. And so, let's keep it rocketing along with some podcasts to listen to while we work. This w
Last week, for me, the days just flew right on by. As always, I'm hoping for that again. Bonus: it's only supposed to be 72 today with rain. I've got the windows open for the first time in months. Tim
And we've made it to Tuesday. I hope your Monday was all good. Mine was alright. Though the leftovers I had for lunch were apparently slightly too leftover. Oh well. I have frozen chicken. Gotta get b
Geeze. Tuesday already? Wow. Ok. I wasn't quite ready for that, apparently. Yesterday didn't seem to fly by at the time, but sitting here typing out these posts, it sure seems like it did now. Oh well
Tuesday. I guess, anyway. It doesn't really feel like Tuesday. I'm not sure what day it does feel like, though. Just... day... Ah well, maybe listening to some gaming podcasts will help. It can't hurt
Ok, so Monday was off to a rough start, but it turned around a little later on. I'm guessing the chilidogs with homemade chili that I had did a lot to make things better (they had extra onions and spi
Tuesday. You know, I think this week is just going to feel weird time-wise. I've come to accept that. All day, I've thought that it was Wednesday. It's not. It's only Tuesday. Ah well, that means it's
So... I totally forgot that yesterday wasn't Monday and it was, in fact, Tuesday. So, that means, I should've had a Podcast Radio for you. Whoops. Oh well, a day late is better than never. So, let's m
A busy Monday made for a quick day. As I was getting this post started, I was like, "Oh... right, it is Tuesday." So, that's nice. It's also coming up to a 3-day weekend for me because we get the 5th
We've made it to Tuesday. Well, at least I hope you made it to Tuesday. Not sure how you're reading this, otherwise. If there is an afterlife and you're reading TGN, hello! Please give us a sign! Spea
And we've made our way to Tuesday. The work week is fully underway and we're into that middle section that can sometimes feel like it's taking forever to go by. Well, hopefully, a couple gaming podcas
Welcome to Tuesday, everyone. I hope your week is going better than mine. Yesterday, while washing dishes, I cut my right thumb fairly badly. With the options of a couple stitches or medical superglue
Though it's the first day of the work week for me, it is still Tuesday. I hope you had a good day off yesterday (those that had it, anyway). Seeing as it's Tuesday already, that means we're that much
Already Tuesday? Geeze. I have to say, yesterday basically felt like it evaporated out from underneath me. I remember looking at the clock and going, "Damn! It's already 4:30! What happened to today?"
A friend was talking about wishing that it was Halloween already and that's got me listening to my Type O Negative station on Pandora today. But, I'm gonna pause Dead Again here in a minute to listen
I just got a big assignment, so it's going to be a rather busy week. But that also means it's going to be a fast one (more than likely). I'm going to need something good to listen to while I do all th
Tuesday already? I have to admit, it felt like Monday just kinda flew by. That's not a complaint, of course. I don't know of too many people who are all, "Damn. I wish there had been a whole ton more
Tuesday. The work week is fully underway. As always, I'm looking forward to the weekend. To help speed things along, I've got some gaming podcasts for you. That should do the trick, as should some new
Tuesday already? That's not a complaint, of course. I'm always ready for the weekend to be back. It's just kinda like, "oh, this week's moving along, isn't it?" Well, let's help it continue to do so b
Tuesday already? That's not a complaint. I'm always ready for the week to go by quickly. And yesterday seemed to fly by. So, without further ado, let's make the week go by a little faster with some ga
Man, Monday was a blur, even more than the "it's just another day" (thank you, Oingo Boingo) feeling already of time these days. Ah well, we're into the work week proper and let's get through it as fa
Tuesday already? Seems like the week is going by quick. At least, these first days are. That's fine with me. Get me back to the weekend ASAP. Some gaming podcasts will help those hours go on by. This