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The Chryseis Shard

Warlord Games has some new Beyond the Gates of Antares releases for you. There's a couple drones, as well as the new expansion book, The Chryseis Shard, as a pdf. You now, for those of you that don't like to have to haul a real book around, and would prefer the electronic version (personally, I see pros and cons of both forms of media, so it's really up to you).
July 1st isn't too far off. That's when players will be able to get their hands on The Chryseis Shard, the new expansion book for Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games. But before then, they've posted up a preview showing off three of the new characters that you can expect to be leading your forces in this new book.
Whenever Warlord Games comes out with a new book, they have a pre-order for it. And whenever they have their pre-order going, those that get the book directly from them will get an exclusive figure to go along with it. In the case of the upcoming Beyond the Gates of Antares book, Chryseis Shard, that miniature is Nurk 27, of which we get a preview of here.
We recently saw some of the cool things that the Freeborn will be getting to go along with the upcoming expansion, The Chryseis Shard – Ascent of the Locus, for Beyond the Gates of Antares. But what about some of the other factions? Well, they've put up some previews for them, too.
Warlord Games is moving along the story in Beyond the Gates of Antares with their next campaign book, The Chryseis Shard - Ascent of the Locus. Pre-orders for the book are being taken now. Warning, though, if you go and check out the page for it, you should be cautious of spoilers (if you're not caught up so far about how things are going).

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