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The Bespin Gambit

It's two, two, two previews in one! Fantasy Flight gives us a look at a pair of Villain Packs for Imperial Assault with a preview of both Bossk and the ISB Infiltrators. These figure sets couldn't be
While both side of the Galactic Civil War were happy to hire people to help the cause (hey, that's how Han Solo got started in things), it's mostly associated with the Empire. Well, The Bespin Gambit
With Star Ware you just about have to have Bespin. If you have Bespin you just have to have Lando. Well, Imperial Assault is headed to Bespin. So that means Imperial Assault is going to have a Lando.
The characters of the Star Wars universe are what drive the action forward. Sure, there's millions in the Rebel Alliance, for example, but it's the heroes like Luke, Han, and Leia that we focus on. Su
With the new Bespin Gambit box expansion coming for Imperial Assault, it's only right that there'd be some Ally and Villain packs coming out as well. Well, Fantasy Flight Games has announced four. One
The gas giant planet of Bespin is a major source of tabana gas. This gas is used in blasters, so you can see how it would be vital for any military to have a good and steady supply of it. As such, the