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The Assault Group

Monday and Tuesday are in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, we work our way towards the weekend. We're halfway there, people. We can make it. But if we're gonna do it, we should stock up on some bite-s
Saturday, Saturday. Ba-laa, ba-la-la-laaaaa.You know, that really does only work with Monday. So be it.Today, however, is not a Monday. It's a Saturday. And for that, we can all rejoice. Saturday mean
Gamers on Games has posted episode 80 of their vidcast up online for your watching pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Episode 80 is up!Episode 80 : TAG Tunnel Rat Miniature by The Assault Group, Hosted by
The Assault Group has added preview greens photos of new Militia miniatures they've added to their Tudor, Valois and Habsburg Kickstarter campaign.From the campaign:The TAG - Tudor Kickstarter reaches
The Assault Group wants you to like them over on Facebook and they're offering an incentive to do so.Do you want to keep up with all the News and chat from The Assault Group?Well, its the easiest thin
The Assault Group posts pics of upcoming releases: From their website:Here are a few images of what Nick has been working on; these are the dollies (pre-production parts for Nick to sculpt onto) for t
The Assault Group have posted photos of the greens for new 28mm Italian Wars infantry figures. From their website: Added to our Workbench feature today are twelve new 28mm miniatures suitable for t
The Assault Group have released 28mm Spanish Gent d'Armes and Tatar Segban horse-holders. From their announcement: Sorry it has been so long adding these two news packs of miniatures to the shoppin
The Assault Group have released two packs of English Civil War Harquebusiers with Triple Bar helmets. From their website: Did i mention we aren't doing an English Civil War range? Yes? But, occas
The Assault Group have added new historical figures to their online store including some Seventeenth Century Command groups. From their website: I'm delighted to add to our shopping cart today, the