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The Army Painter

The Army Painter just recently shipped out mail order number 50,000. That's... a lot. Like... a whole lot. And it's a nice, round number, too. Anyway, enough about the number, itself, and let's talk a
Friday. One of the most beloved of days. Just make it through today and the weekend is your reward. Hopefully you've got some gaming lined up. I'm going to be playing some D&D. I've got a bard named L
The Army Painter is giving you a chance to win all 3 of the Zombicide Paint Sets. All you've got to do is go over to their Facebook page and give them a "Like." That's potentially a lot of paint for v
The Army Painter is celebrating their release of their new Survivors paint set and is bundling together all their Zombicide paint kits and offering them at a special price. The kits are currently on p
The Army Painter and Kromlech are teaming up to bring you a great test-model for when you get your spiffy, new paint sets. A rather limited number of sets of The Army Painter paint sets have a free Or
The Army Painter has special deals going on over in their webshop until Monday. Go check 'em out.SourceFrom the post:BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALUpdate all your worn out brushes and old dry paints with our Bl
The Army Painter helps you paint up your survivors and undead with their next Zombicide Survivor Paint Set, available to pre-order in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:We are proud to announce
The Army Painter has just a week left for their Spray O'Rama sale where you get a bottle of the matching color for any spray primer you buy.SourceFrom them to you:One week left of our special Spray O'
The Army Painter is running a special sale with their colored spray primers. Order a color and get a matching bottle of brush-on for free.SourceFrom the announcement:All Colour Primers have a 100% mat
The Army Painter has a new contest going on over on their Facebook page. Go see if you can get yourself some free paints.SourceFrom them to you:Time for another prize draw!Half a year ago we ran a hig
The Army Painter is turning 7 and they're giving you the presents with a sale over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Believe it or not - it is only 7 years ago The Army Painter launched its
The Army Painter has new accessories available to order over in their webshop, including tape measures and laser pointers and other such things.tl5015_laser_pointer_contents_1000pxtl5016_laser_line_co
The Army Painter now has the paints from their Zombicide Warpaints sets available as singles to order from their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:While the two Zombicide Paint Sets already are in s
The Army Painter is looking to add a new customer service and marketing assistant to their team. Are you the right person for the job?SourceFrom the announcement:The Army Painter is hiring for the rol
The Army Painter has announced a new expansion pack to their Zombicide Paint Set.SourceFrom the announcement:The Zombicide Games series from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games currently includes 3 box
The Army Painter is taking orders for their new Zombicide paint sets they're coming out with.SourceFrom the announcement:This is the ultimate paint set for ANY type of zombie. It includes carefully re
The Shell Case has a new painting contest going on in a team-up with The Army Painter.SourceFrom the contest:The Shell Case has launched a single miniature painting competition in association with The
The Army Painter is now on Facebook. To celebrate, they're having a huge giveaway contest for people that check it out.SourceFrom the contest sheet:To celebrate The Army Painter has (finally) entered
The Army Painter has teamed up with CoolMiniOrNot to create an official line of paints for the Zombicide board game series.SourceFrom the announcement:CoolMiniOrNot have partnered up with Kvasir Innov
The Army Painter has got you covered (in paint...) with their holiday sale happening now.SourceFrom the announcement:Every year the Americans have the "Black Friday" - and so we have a great offer for
The Army Painter has a new Mega Hobby Set that they'll be coming out with soon.SourceFrom the preview:The Mega Hobby Set is quite simply the most complete Hobby Box on the market. It contains EVERYTHI
Tale of Painters takes a look at the Quickshade Inks from The Army Painter and lets you know what they think about them. Are they right for your painting needs?From the review:Tale of Painters got the
The Army Painter has some new colors coming out, most of them inks.The announcement is the top one in the "downloads" list on the right of their homepage, by the way.From the announcement:The Army Pai
The Army Painter has announced they're going to be coming out with a new spray primer color: Gun Metal.From them to you:New product: • Colour Primer: Gun Metal• Release Date: August 12
The Army Painter has been busy moving house, but has gotten all set up and is ready to preview some new products they're working on.From the preview:ACRYLIC QUICKSHADEOur inks is a love-story with the