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TGN Interviews

TGN's Enrico Nardini was at TempleCon 2015 and had some interviews with various people there, including the Dicedevils, Outlaw Miniatures, Ninja Division, and Grant Garvin, who is the Director of Temp
TGN contributor and Ravage Magazine's EIC Jared Miller managed to get a moment of Elan Lee's time to quickly chat about the "Most Backed Campaign in Kickstarter History," Exploding Kittens.Exploding K
Metal Polyhedral Dice Set
Game reviews are an important part of TGN. I'm a firm believer in getting all the information you can about a product before you make a purchase. With the price of many board games out there on the ma
 TGN's Enrico Nardini directs his palantir towards Bryan Pope, resident conjurer at Arcane Wonders and the creator of Mage Wars.Enrico Nardini (EN) - Are you concerned that you will reach a "crit
Our intrepid Enrico Nardini conducts another in his series of five question interviews. This time he talks to Christopher Moeller, artist for Wizards of the Coast and the creator of Iron Empires.So sh
TGN’s Enrico Nardini risks the jaws of death to interview Clint MacLean, the creator of the Sharktipede, now terrorizing Kickstarter! Nom! Nom! Nom!Let's hope Enrico doesn't get eaten in the process.S
Stone Blade Entertainment’s Justin Gary was kind enough to sit down with me while at GenCon 2014 and talk a bit about the latest releases for Ascension and Sol Forge, plus a bit about where they’re he
Sigil Stone Publishing has just launched their Kickstarter campaign for Forge of Valor, their new RPG system and world.I got to sit down with Forge of Valor designer Ben Dutter and we had a little cha
Mars Attacks, from Mantic, is racking up some pretty good numbers over on Kickstarter. Originally looking for $50k, they've made it to over $440k with still 20 days to go.Mantic CEO, Ronnie Renton, wa
GenCon was an absolute blast and very busy. We didn't get a chance to get this video up during the show, but here it is now for your viewing pleasure.From the video:Interviews from our final day at Ge
Iron Box Games is running their Kickstarter campaign for their first ever game, a dice and token game called Angry Sheep.Misterjustin (most notably known for Secret Weapon Miniatures) is at the helm,
So, the "Greatest Four Days in Gaming" is coming up in just a little under 1 month. GenCon is always a good time. I, along with my fearless reporter Spencer and our intrepid cameraman Jonathan, will b
When getting together materials for our recent review of Ascension: Rise of Vigil from the lovely folks over at Stone Blade Entertainment, it was offered to have a chat with Ascension's creator and St
Spencer, our intrepid Action News Team Field Reporter, talked with Kevin Clark while at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo. They discuss Wrath of Kings and Zombicide. Fun times.
Continuing our series from the CoolMiniOrNot Expo, here's the TGN Interview with Mike Shinall, Brand Manager for Dark Age Games.
Tabletop Gaming News unleashed our newest member of the Action News Team, Reporter Spencer, on the CoolMiniOrNot Expo. We'll be posting interviews from the show all week. Here's the first one where Sp
Privater Press Business Director Will stopped and talked with our roving reporter Bo while at PAX East (yes, we kept Bo busy while there). Here's the interview:
Randall Bills from Catalyst Game Labs was kind enough to talk to Bo, our roving TGN Reporter, while at PAX East. We promised we'd post this, and here it is.
Steve Jackson Games also was gracious enough to talk with Bo, one of the two roving reports of the TGN Action News Team at PAX East. We get a look into the current status of Ogre, the future of Munchk
Mercs Miniatures was kind enough to stop and talk with Bo, one of our intrepid roving reporters on the TGN Action News Team while at PAX East and talk some about their Myth game. (check out their Kick
Loka: Fantasy Chess, from Mantic, has 12 days to go up on Kickstarter. The creator of the game, Alessio Cavatore, recently sat down with TGN and had a chat about his history with Chess and a bit of th
We've got a great exclusive interview with Guillotine Games about the upcoming Toxic City Mall Expansion, and also Prison Outbreak - a full standalone game!Check out the whole interview after the brea
As you more-than-likely know, Mike McVey has a Kickstarter Campaign going on to raise funds for his Sedition Wars board game. It's doing great, having just crossed the $100k mark, still with 29 days t