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TGN Exclusive

The final reveal is here for Guillotine Games' Zombicide: Black Plague core Survivors. If you haven't had a chance to check them all out, you can find links to each Survivor at the end of this po
A quick note to our readers, if you've been keeping up with the reveals everyday, you might have notice Samson's Skills seem shockingly similar to Nelly's from Thursday. That's because 
Update: This post has been edited since its initial publication. Guillotine Games discovered the stats for Nelly and Samson had been mixed up in some sort of horrible encounter with a Necromancer's da
When it comes to fighting the Zombies, Abominations, and Necromancers of Guillotine Games' upcoming Zombicide: Black Plague, strength of conviction and sharpness of blade are key, as our previous
Yesterday TGN readers got an early look at the unstoppable warrior Clovis as part of our daily series revealing the six core Survivors from the next chapter of Guillotine
Earlier today, we highlighted the Zombicide: Wulfsburg expansion for the forthcoming Zombicide: Black Plague (coming to Kickstarter in June) from Guillotine Games and CoolMiniOrNot. Now, TGN is gettin