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TGN Editorial

Associate Editor Enrico Nardini pulls out a pernicious problem present in Games Workshop’s latest press announcement. See what has him piqued! There are times when I feel like Games Workshop is in
Games Workshop seems looks like they're switching it on 'em (yeah, Flipmode. Flipmode's the greatest) and coming out with 32mm bases for their minis. Ravage Magazine US Editor-in-Chief Jared Miller gi
Kickstarter has updated their Terms of Service. What does this mean for you? TGN's Enrico Nardini lets us know what's going on with the changes and what this means for you.Enrico: The landscape of the
TGN's family is expanding. We've brought on Enrico Nardini, from Play Unplugged, to join us here with editorials and game reviews. Here's his first article. It deals with the new Space Hulk release fr
International Tabletop Day, organized by the fine people over at Geek & Sundry is coming up in just over a month. As part of the run-up to the event, they've asked me to be part of a group of bloggers