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TGN Convention Coverage

Day 2 is about to be in the books (as it's only got about 15min. left and then I'm going to go to sleep). It was quite a wild and busy Friday. The frantic-ness of Thursday turned into a more calm, but no less busy Friday. Everyone was buzzing about the games that they'd picked up the day before or tried overnight.

I, of course, once more made my rounds of the place and got some galleries of photos over on the TGN Facebook page.
The time has come.
Gen Con is here... well, ok, it technically starts tomorrow, but there's already a bunch going on at the show. I've been up since way too early this morning in order to ride up here from Atlanta. I had some time looking around the Vendor's Hall during set up and managed to snag a few photos.
Adepticon is here and gone. I hope everyone had a great time and everyone made it back safe. The only thing is that it seems Con Crud is going around the office now. Here's to hoping I miss out on catching it as people make it back into the office.

Anyway, we've got the final batch of photos from the show, including photos from the Crystal Brush Awards Ceremony (video will be up soon as well).

Go have yourself a look-see.

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Essen is a rather important part of the gaming convention season. Unfortunately, a lot of us aren't able to get over to Germany for it. JR Honeycutt was able to, though, and he lists out his Top 10 things he saw while at the show.