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Test of Honour

Want to get the latest info about Test of Honour, the samurai miniatures game? Well, you're in luck, as it's all collected together in one place. There's new downloads, info about the upcoming expansi
Warlord Games has moved Test of Honour over to Grey For Now Games. Anyone who was worried about a big delay for it to launch, your fears are mitigated. They've launched the new website. From the po
Warlord Games is selling off the last of their Test of Honour miniatures kits. Dont' worry, fans of the game. It's not coming to an end. It's just moving. Grey For Now will soon be taking it over. So
A new set for Test of Honour is available to pre-order from Warlord Games. In this case, it's a set of seven ronin. For those that don't know, ronin were masterless samurai who traveled around the cou
Medieval Japan is full of badass warrior women in the form of the Onna-bugeisha. And they're hitting the battlefields in Test of Honour. Warlord Games is taking orders for the Onna-bugeisha of Asakura
In Japan, it wasn't just the men who could train in martial arts and learn the Samurai ways. Women were able to do that as well, and many noblewomen did just that. They were called the Onna-Bugeisha,
As usual for Warlord Games, they've got a whole slew of new things to order for their various games. If you're a fan of Bolt Action, Konflikt '47, Pike & Shotte, or Test of Honour, you'll want to see
Helloooooooo, Saturday. You know you're my favorite. I hope the other days of the week get jealous, but you're just so great. Time to put on some appropriate music and relax... and probably play some
Woo! Saturday!And I'm finally mostly over being sick. You never realize just how much you are thankful that you can breathe through your nose or take a couple breaths without coughing until that's exa
Even though ninjas never really wrapped themselves in black like we see in pop culture (that was a kabuki theater thing. Ninjas dressed like everyone else so they didn't stand out), it's still fun to
Kazmiizumi-kanchou, the famous sword master, sits in his dojo, quietly meditating. His sharp ears hear rustling outside. But it's not simply the wind through the trees. Someone's out there... multiple
Woo! Saturday! Woo!As you're reading this, I'm over at the LGS, hanging out and just taking it easy. I'm hoping you're doing much the same (or have done so and are just reading this later, as I am typ
In any society, there's going to be those who don't want to follow society's rules and would rather just forge their own path. This often means taking from others, leading to a rough life of banditry.
It's Monday morning here (though I know this is going to be posted in the afternoon). I'm trying to type up as much of my posts today before the storm gets really bad, just in case power and/or intern
Warlord Games is bringing a new faction, as well as some new cavalry options to Test of Honour, their new far-Eastern miniatures skirmish game. The new faction is Ch?bei’s Renegades. They're based on
I've always been a fan of a good map campaign for a game. It adds a whole other layer to things. What territories do you want to attack? Which can you lose? Where do you want your forces to go? Well,
Gamers love to be the first ones with the new items available for the games they play. Heck, they can get outright hostile if someone else gets their toy soldiers first. As such, Warlord Games is offe
When writing rules for a game, you want to do your best to make sure they're clear and uncomplicated. Sometimes, a part of a rule sounds good, and you don't necessarily want to cut it, but you find th
Warlord Games is wasting no time in getting you another release for Test of Honour. This time around, it's a two-player starter box set.If you've been looking at the Wave 1 releases and been thinking,
Warlord Games continues taking pre-release orders for Test of Honour over in their webshop. I'm sure some of you have already put your order in. For those that might still be holding out, Warlord has
Warlord Games is still taking pre-orders for Test of Honour, their new far-East-inspired miniatures skirmish game. But I know some of you out there aren't content with just what comes in the first cou
Warlord Games certainly wastes no time when it comes to telling you about a game to letting you get your hands on it. Though we're not quite to "have it on your tabletop" just yet, they have started t
So, by now there's a good chance you've taken a look over the Test of Honour rules preview that Warlord Games has posted up. You might have some questions about the designer's choices that they made i
Well, Test of Honour, the new far-East themed miniatures skirmish game from Warlord Games got quite a response when it was announced. I know a lot of people are interested to see what the rules look l
Warlord Games has many fine games on the market. If you're a fan of ancient historicals, there's Hail Caesar. If you like a more Napoleonic feel, there's Black Powder. You've got Pike & Shotte in ther