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Terrain Corner

It's Monday again. I had a busy weekend as I made stock from my turkey from Thanksgiving. I also made fruitcake for the year. So, I'm taking it easy today with a quick Terrain Corner for you. Let's ta
This week is just going rocketing on by. That's not a complaint, as usual. I'm ready for the weekend where I hope to source ingredients for this year's fruitcakes. Should be a good time. But, in the m
Back to Monday. I'm actually on vacation this week from my regular gig, but I'm still here making sure you get your news. You're welcome. ;) That includes making your gaming tables look good. Quick on
Not only is it already Thursday, but it's 1 week from Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year. Am I prepared? ... I've probably never been less-prepared! O,o Gah! So much to do! So little time!
Monday again? Oh well, we've made it through them before. We'll make it through this one. And you know what'll help? Making your gaming tables look better. Quick one of you today, but if you're a Mant
And we've made it to Thursday. Hooray! The week's slowed down a bit. Yesterday was a really long Wednesday, like most of them are for me. If any day is going to drag for me, it's Wednesday. But that's
Thursday? I'm cool with a Thursday. Got some stuff done yesterday. Got some more stuff to do today, but it's all good. One thing on the To-Do list is make your gaming tables look good. So, let's get t
Want to make your gaming tables look awesome? Then you'll want to check out The Tremendous Time of Epic Dungeons. It's everything you need in one place. The Kickstarter campaign for this book launches
Apparently, it's back to being Monday. I was just as surprised as you. It was the weekend and then, "Boom!" Monday! Oh well. We can at least make the most of it by making your gaming tables look good.
Well, I don't know who, but someone decided that it should be Monday again. My weekend was uneventful because on Saturday, I got my latest COVID shot. So, Sunday included sleeping and... more sleeping
I tell you what, this week is flying by like last week did, at least for me. It's like, "Oh, hell. It's Thursday." Never a complaint, of course. Plus, the newest season of Nailed It went up on Netflix
Thursday. We're getting ever-closer to the weekend once more. To everyone in Florida, I hope you're safe and have been able to stay dry and sustain little damage. It doesn't look like it's going to ma
Slow start to Monday is a slow start. And yes, I realize it's the afternoon by now. But man, this morning... I am dragging like crazy. Don't necessarily feel sick, just very, "bluh..." Well, hopefully
The week has swung back around and we once more find ourselves deposited in Monday. Waddyagonnado? You're gonna make your gaming tables look as good as they can be, that's what. Quick one for you toda
Thursday. We're making our way to the weekend, for sure. Yesterday, I was like, "wait, is it Thursday yet?" But today... today feels like a Thursday... whatever that means, I suppose. Being seeing as
It's Thursday. Though a coworker did fool me briefly by being like, "Gotta get stuff done before the weekend tomorrow." But he's taking Friday off. Still, it got my hopes up. But alas. Oh well. The we
And we've made it to Thursday. I keep forgetting it's a 3-day weekend coming up. And it's also Dragon*Con here downtown... ... ... I plan on staying home. :P But to all those going to the show, have a
Well... it's Monday again. I'm not totally thrilled with that, but I'll make it through. And, hey, build night at the LGS to look forward to. So, that's gonna be good. In the meantime, though, let's g
Welcome back to Thursday. The work week is almost over. Just a day and a half to go. Then? Weekend! Woo! So, as we get ready for (hopefully for you) some gaming this weekend, let's get your gaming tab
I used to be like, "ugh. Monday." But since I've started going to the LGS for Build & Paint, it's actually a day I kinda look forward to each week. I hope you have something going on that makes yo
Oh, hey... it's Thursday. It's been a quick week, at least for me. Of course, and as always, not a complaint. Ready for that weekend coming up. Not sure what I'll be up to, but it'll hopefully be tast
Not only is the week speeding by, but today is speeding by. It should come as no surprise that I type these up beforehand and schedule them to go live later. But today's just been like, "OMG! How late
Hey there to all the gamers out there. We're back at Monday. And to all those that were at Gen Con, I hope you're recovery is speedy. Shows like that always wipe me out. But I'm not in my 20s anymore,
As so often happens, the first couple days of the week went by quickly. Then, yesterday seemed to stand still, especially in the afternoon. Now, I honestly don't mind that so much this week. Not that
Swung all the way back around to Monday and even started us off on a whole new month. Welcome to August, everyone. Y'know, my Mondays have gotten better thanks to the addition of heading to the LGS af